Recruiting: Perry wants to play defense

The latest on Keller, Texas defensive end Chris Perry.

Chris Perry, DL, 6-3, 315, KELLER (FOSSILL RIDGE HS), TEXAS:

JH: Are you still playing football this season?

CP: "No, we lost last Friday 23-6. We were doing well on defense, but our offensive just couldn't score. They average about 50 points a game and we held them to 13 going into the fourth quarter. I guess we just lost our momentum when we realized our offense wasn't going to score."

JH: Did you play on offense at all?

CP: "No, but I wanted to though. I asked coach to put me on offense, but he wouldn't do it. We would get down to their five-yard line and then just couldn't punch it in. He just wouldn't let me go in."

JH: What kind of season did you have?

CP "I just know I was named first team all-district at DT."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting?

CP: "I have been to Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Miami, but my visit to Oklahoma was unofficial. I am going to Nebraska (12-9). Now I am not sure about Oklahoma because they say they are recruiting me to play on the offensive line. This whole time I thought they were recruiting me to play defense, but my coach told me that they were recruiting me to play in the O-line.

"I was going to commit with R.J., but even he told me that they were recruiting me for the O-line. So I text'd coach Venables. He text me back and said it was true. I then text'd him back and told him I really wasn't looking to play in the O-line and he said he understood."

JH: Would you still consider Oklahoma if they decided they wanted you as a defensive tackle?

CP: "I would be very interested if they came back and recruited me for defensive tackle. I would be very interested. I mean, R.J. and I had dreams of it being a Fossill Ridge defensive end and a Fossill Ridge defensive tackle on the same defensive line at OU. I don't think they are going to change their plans, because they have a lot of DTs at Oklahoma. They have DeMarcus Granger and Gerald McCoy, who was the No. 1 defensive tackle in the country last year.

"Those guys are young too and I think I would rather go play at a school where I am needed. I know R.J. is still going to OU because he loves the Sooners. That is where he wants to play, but we will just have to remain friends at different schools at this point."

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