Recruiting:"I am liking Oklahoma"

New Orleans OL Alex Williams says he's been impressed with Oklahoma's running game on TV.


The fact that Alex Williams is now drawing as much attention as just about any offensive lineman in the country is a story in itself. Williams lost his junior year due to Hurricane Katrina and moved to Walker High in New Orleans, with his high school coach from Landry High.

For a year, there was no film and college coaches lost track of him. But thanks to a great senior year and a coach who cares for him, Williams is now drawing attention from some of the top teams in the country. Even a so-so senior record from a team standpoint can't dampen Williams' spirits.

"Yeah, we have been outstanding," said Williams. "Our record was 3-7, but we played all ranked teams and had the toughest schedule in the state. We played hard and gave it everything that we had in every game. We were in every game this year, but just didn't make enough plays at the end. For me, it was just great to be back out on the field again. What a joy it was. Just to play football again and knock some people around has been a great thrill."

Williams is being recruited as both a guard and a tackle, but he has played offensive tackle all his life and left tackle where he most likes to play.

"I can play both, but I would rather play left tackle," said Williams. "I have a couple of plays on defense, but I don't really like playing on defense. Offense is where it is at for me. I love playing left tackle, because I get to keep my quarterback upright and keep him alive. I love that. I get into a great rhythm playing left tackle and it is like rapping for me. I just do my thing and keep my quarterbacks' uniform clean, and all is good in the world."

Alex also plays basketball where he expects to be in the starting line-up this year. He is coming off a season where he averaged 24 points per game, but he doesn't have any interest in playing college basketball despite some interest from mid-majors.

"I can get a scholarship in basketball. I like playing basketball, but that game is not in my soul," said Williams. "I just don't have the love and passion for basketball like I do for football.

Williams transferred in to Walker from L.B. Landry where he broke into the starting line-up at right tackle his sophomore year. He moved back and forth from left to right tackle before settling in at left tackle this season. Williams was dynamite and Walker's running backs ran behind him for about 2,800 yards, which has earned him scholarship offers from a number of different programs.

"I can't count them all right now," said Williams. "I have had a few. That is for sure. I have committed verbally to Ole Miss, but I am talking to a few schools who still have an interest in me."

So is one of those other schools Oklahoma?

"Yes, I have heard from Oklahoma. I have heard from coach (Kevin) Sumlin," said Williams. "I am not sure if he has my right cell phone or he had my right number, but he did send me a text message wishing me a happy Thanksgiving. I eventually got that message and it was great to see."

Williams has been a pledge to Ole Miss for some time, but is he seriously looking at OU or any other school.

"I am liking Oklahoma, man. I really am, "said Williams. "I watch them on TV and they know how to run that football. I can see Adrian Peterson getting about 270 right behind me wearing that Oklahoma uniform."

He admits that he is still committed to Ole Miss, but now that he is getting more attention on the recruiting front Williams admits that he would like to look around a little bit.

"I have not taken a visit yet," said Williams. "I have been to Ole Miss to see a friend and have been there to look around the camp. I am not sure when I am going to visit. It would be nice to visit Oklahoma. I am looking forward to that. I may also visit Cincinnati, Miami and Florida State. I am also looking at Tennessee and Auburn."

Williams just played basketball his junior year and he still finds it hard to believe that all of a sudden he is getting recruited to play the sport he loves best.

"It is a dream come true," said Williams. "A lot of people dream to be in this situation. I know how great it is and I am liking it right now. I love playing football and I know I am going to get that chance on the next level and I can't wait."

Williams still needs a little work to quality, but he is very close.

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