Kelly cares about wins, not catches

Sophomore receiver Malcolm Kelly talks about his role in Oklahoma's offense and Saturday's matchup against Nebraska. The Longview, Texas native is 149 receiving yards away from a 1,000-yard season.

In two out of their last three games, the Sooners have run the ball with authority and have almost made the run game their entire offense. That doesn't mean that the Sooners can't throw the ball or won't throw the ball ,because against Baylor and Texas Tech they threw it very well.

Sophomore Malcolm Kelly he has learned how to become a total receiver blocking much more than catching the football in recent weeks. Still, Kelly is having a great year with 52 catches for 851 yards. And with one more good game, he could easily finish with 1,000 yards receiving on the year.

How will the Sooner attack the Nebraska defense? That remains to be seen, but one way or the other you can bet the Cornhuskers will pay attention to Kelly wherever he goes Saturday. had an easier time keeping up with Kelly following Monday's practice for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Malcolm, this offense is interesting in that one week you are catching 11 passes and then the next year you become one of the best blocking wide receivers in the country. However, it is working and you guys are winning games, right?

MK: "That is all I really focus on. During the O-State game the coaches came up to me and told me keep my composure. I told them, 'Man, I am not worried about it.' I am trying to play next Saturday. We have to take them. We are winning games and we have overcome more than anybody thought that we could. Right now we don't have anything in our hands, but 10 wins. We still don't have a championship under our belt, so however we have to get that I am all for it."

JH: I guess no defense lines up in a scheme that is balanced anymore do they? All of them are trying to make you one-dimensional right?

MK: "O-State rolled their safety Woods over to my side every time. There may have been seven or eight plays maybe that they didn't. They were playing a lot of bracket coverage like that, so I guess it is kind of a deal where one week I get one catch and then the next week I get 11 like you said.

"Different defenses do different things. Texas Tech really didn't do too much early, but they did towards the end of the game. I expect Nebraska to come out and try to find a way to stop both the run and the passing game."

JH: How excited are you guys to be playing in the Big 12 Championship game?

MK: "I can't really say that we are acting any different at practice or on campus. Once we break the huddle and once we break the team down, 'one, two, three, Sooners'. Now it is, 'one, two, three and Big 12 Championship' on three. We have always had that as our goal. Even back during the off-season our goal was to be Big 12 champs.

"Now I don't think we are looking at it as the Big 12 Championship game, but as the next game on our schedule that we have to win. It is the next game and that is really how we are looking at it. It is just another game on our schedule that we have to go after and come home with a win."

JH: After the OSU game, coach (Kevin) Wilson said he was disappointed in how he prepared the passing gameplan and he said he apologized to you guys, the wide receivers, and that he wants to be a balanced team.

MK: "He does. I remember when he first became offensive coordinator that was what he always preached. He always talked about how balanced we were going to be and that we were going to be on the attack all game. He said that we were going to keep the defense guessing whether we were running or passing.

"On Saturday, I think he did a good job. He took what the defense gave him. They were trying to roll the safeties to one side and we gashed them up the middle. They couldn't stop the running game. I just think whatever they will give is what we will take, but at the same time he wants us to be a balanced offense."

JH: There are going to be a lot more Nebraska fans at the game than OU fans because they had a head start in buying tickets. So is this game like a road game for you despite the neutral field?

MK: "No, I get excited going on road game. It is a challenge. We have a lot of people going against us and when you make a play and you hear that crowd get quiet in the stadium that gets us pumped. It certainly gets me pumped. In the end, their fans really don't matter. I don't think any situation can be worse than our Texas A&M game this year. I really don't think this game will be worse as far as fans go as the Texas A&M game. We really don't have anything to worry about."

JH: What are your thoughts on Nebraska?

MK: "They have a really good front seven right off the bat. I played against one of their guys in the secondary last year. Grigsby is a real good corner, but I think they have replaced the rest of the secondary, including both safeties. They are a real talented team. They have won a bunch of games and they have been winning ballgames by putting pressure on the quarterback. They will give you a mixture of things, but they are a talented defense."

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