Recruiting: Is Jones solid to Tennessee?

The latest on Oklahoma City, Okla. athlete Gerald Jones.

Gerald Jones, ATH, 6-1, 190, 4.49, OKLAHOMA CITY (MILLWOOD HS), OK:

JH: Tonight you are telling the world you are going to Tennessee. Why the Vols? Have you been thinking about announcing this decision for some time?

GJ: "No, not really. The whole recruiting thing was taking a toll on me. I am real tired of it and everything that I have going on seems to make me tired every day. My heart was with Tennessee for a long time and my parents told me if my heart is with Tennessee, then don't second-guess your decision. So I went ahead and made the choice."

JH: Do you have friends there?

GJ: "No."

JH: Did the fact that there was so much pressure in-state for you to go to either OU or OSU factor into your decision to the point that you decided — the heck with it I am just going to go out of state to Tennessee? Or did you take what you think s your best option out of state?

GJ: "A lot of people want you to go to particular schools that they want you to go to. Everybody is telling you where to go. I have to make the best choice for me because I am the one who is going to be there for four years. I am getting a lot of pressure from fans, and from people I didn't even know, telling me to go to OU or OSU. I just think it is better if I leave the state, develop some skills and learn how to be on my own. Tennessee is the best place for that."

JH: Did you visit Tennessee last weekend?

GJ: "Actually, it was the weekend that they played LSU. It was a great visit. The town, stadium, coaches and the players were great. Things just went great for me at Tennessee."

JH: Where do they want to play you?

GJ: "They want to play me on offense. They really want to rotate me around at wide receiver and running back. I think my primary position is going to be wide receiver. I chose that and I think that will be the best for me, and I hope to play on a couple of special teams."

JH: Have you told OU or OSU yet?

GJ: "No, I am actually making my decision tonight. I haven't had a chance to talk to anybody else except for you and the guy at the newspaper."

JH: So nobody outside of your immediate family has heard from you personally?

GJ: "No, none of my friends, teachers or classmates know yet. Nobody on my football team knows yet."

JH: Does this mean you are shutting down recruiting and are not taking any more visits?

GJ: "I really don't know. That is a good question. If I do take one I would take one to Florida on December 12. I really don't think I am gong to go to Florida, because that is just really out of my way and too far out of my way. So there is really no point in my taking one there."

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