Recruiting: Five-star DE sets visit

West Monroe, La. DE Luther Davis talks about his interest in OU and upcoming visit to Norman.

Luther Davis, DE, 6-4, 255, WEST MONROE, LA:

JH: Have you set your visit with OU yet?

LD: "I will be up there next weekend. I am going to take my official visit there next weekend."

JH: Are you still playing football?

LD: "No sir. Our season ended this past Friday. Our offense had a bad game and turned the ball over eight times and they gave all three of our touchdowns. We lost 21-14 and they scored on two interceptions and one fumble returned for a touchdown. Our defense gave up 87 total yards and I was named the Player of the Week for our district by the local newspaper. I made 15 tackles, 11 tackles for a loss and four sacks. We ended our season 11-1.

"We were ranked No. 1 in the state and 22 in the country by USA Today. The same thing happened to us my sophomore year. We just chose a bad time to have an off game and we just didn't make enough positive plays to get it done. We played well on defense, but didn't turn the ball over enough and didn't make enough big plays on our end either."

JH: So what is next for you?

LD: "I am just going to concentrate on academics and recruiting. I am also starting training for the Army All-American game. I will be playing in that game so I want to be ready for it."

JH: In my conversation with super receiver Ahmad Paige, he mentioned that you had been talking to him about OU. You mentioned in our last interview that you two are great fiends and that you would like to go to school together, and he mentioned that you have been talking up OU to him.

LD: "I was just trying to give him a little insight on the history of receivers at OU. I was telling him about Mark Clayton and Mark Bradley. I told him that Brandon Jones scored a touchdown this past weekend and he is from Oklahoma. I told him that actually OU has had several All-American's at wide receiver and that with his skills he could easily fit in with what OU is doing at receiver."

JH: You also mentioned that you two don't have a great number of schools that you both like that would to sign both of you. Is OU one of those few schools?

LD: "Yeah, at this point OU really is. Just to name some others I would say Florida State, Florida and possibly USC. I have a pretty good interest in LSU, but they are not recruiting him. The same goes at Arkansas. If we both could play on the same team that would be great, but if it doesn't work out we both understand. It has to be a fit for both of us.

"For instance, OU is losing four defensive ends after this year so they are a perfect fit for me. While at receiver they may be returning six or seven guys, so it may not be as good a fit for him. But Ahmad may feel that is no problem and love it at OU, so we will just have to see."

JH: Who are you visiting this weekend?

LD: "I am going to LSU this upcoming weekend. I have taken on official visit to Louisville and then I am going to Oklahoma the next weekend. I will probably take one visit to Florida State and things are up in the air for that fifth visit. A lot of my guys from my high school go to LSU and they have had a lot of success and gone on to the NFL. The only bad thing about LSU is that they are deep at my position, but who says they won't move some more guys there this spring."

JH: What are your thoughts on your visit to Oklahoma in two weeks?

LD: "I am so excited about visiting Oklahoma. I have always been a great fan of Oklahoma. Dan Cody is my favorite defense end in college. If I went to Oklahoma I would be one step closer to being like him. I am going to get a chance to see how the players interact with one another, and I hope to get an idea what the campus life is like for students.

"I want to get to know the coaches better and then check out the depth at defensive end. I want to talk to some of the guys from Louisiana on the team and ask them about the transition and how easy it was for them."

JH: Louisiana native Rufus Alexander was named the Big 12 Player of the Year today and OU had the two first-team defensive ends. Does success by the current guys at your position at schools you are considering have any influence on you at all?

LD: "My brother knows Rufus real well and says he is a great guy. I am definitely impressed by their success because that is not easy to do. That means if I go there I will have to work that much harder because I would have some big shoes to fill. But if I do work hard and play up to my potential, then I can accomplish great things as well."

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