Scott talks about his Bedlam experience

The latest on Dallas, Texas safety Christian Scott's visit to Oklahoma State.

Christian Scott, S, 6-0, 195, 4.5 DALLAS (SKYLINE HS), TEXAS:

JH: What did you think of your visit to OSU for the Bedlam matchup?

CS: "Oh, it was a pretty good game. I couldn't believe all the people that were there. I thought it was a pretty good game and they fought to the end, even though they still lost."

JH: What did you think of your overall visit to Oklahoma State?

CS: "I had a good time. Everybody was cool and I felt real comfortable there. They have a real cool coaching staff."

JH: What did you think of Oklahoma's performance in the game?

CS: "I believe that they are a good team. They put up a great fight too. At first I thought they were going to let Oklahoma State get it, but then they stepped it up and they ended up winning."

JH: Oklahoma State is upgrading their facilities, so when you are looking at their program do you do so by creating a vision of what it is going to be like in the future?

CS: "OSU is getting all this new stuff and the way I look at it is that I am supposed to be going to college, and that could be a good thing. It could be something new, something different that I haven't seen before. I would look at it that I was there before it was built and that would be cool. They are supposed to be finished in 2008 and that would be during the time that I am in college. I believe that is a good thing."

JH: I understand that defensive end Richetti Jones was at the game and you two have become good friends?

CS: "He was. And, yes, we are good friends."

JH: Do you two have an interest in going to the same school?

CS: "We do talk about that a little bit. We always say it would be nice if we could play together, but we also tell each other that we would rather each other go to the school where we are more comfortable with. We need to go to the school that fits better for us, because you have to be there four to five years. We don't always talk about going to the same school just because we know each other. We know that we need to take care of ourselves."

JH: Now that you have been to OU and OSU, what your thoughts on the two schools?

CS: "I believe that they are both good schools. I believe that OSU is trying to build up their program so that they can have a great program, but OU is already a great program and they have a better program per se. I believe that both are good schools, with good coaches, good fans and both are in nice cities."

JH: What are your thoughts on your gut feelings about OU? What kind of interest do you still have in the Sooners?

CS: "I do like the Sooners. Oklahoma is having a great season and they are going to play for the Big 12 Championship, and then play in the Fiesta Bowl. That will be a good thing for them. I wish them luck in the game."

JH: Does the fact that OU had the Defensive Player of the Year in Rufus Alexander and four other players make the Big-12 first team defense make any difference to you in recruiting? When a team is getting this kind of attention and this many honors, how does that effect you as a recruit?

CS: "That lets me know that they are a good program with a lot of good athletes in it. It lets me know that they have a good coaching staff behind them. That does make me like them a little bit more."

JH: Where will you visit next?

CS: "I am going to LSU this weekend. I haven't set up any visits after that weekend."

JH: You are also going to play in the Army All-American game, so how are you getting prepared for that?

CS: "Since we are not in the playoffs any more, I am in track. That is about the only way I am getting prepared for it now. You can't really practice football by yourself. On the 31st, we will have practice in San Antonio. I am just in track right now trying to stay in shape. I may ask some of my friends to come out run some pass routes against me or something. I haven't done that yet and I don't know if they will, but that is something that I think I will find out."

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