Recruiting: Texas speedster likes OU

The latest on Tatum, Texas wide receiver Darnius Moore.

Darnius Moore, WR, 6'0, 175, 4.4, TATUM, TEXAS:

JH: Are you still playing in the playoffs?

DM: "Yes sir. We are still playing. We have made it to the third round of the playoffs and we play Marlin this week. Last weekend we beat Jefferson 55-21. I had two touchdowns in the game. I caught two passes and scored on one of them on a touchdown catch of 40-yards. Then I returned a kickoff 75-yards for a touchdown. My buddy, Lennon Creer, also scored two touchdowns in the game."

JH: So you are guys are playing some good football?

DM: "Yes sir. We are 10-2 overall and playing pretty well."

JH: What are your statistics at this point?

DM: "I am not keeping up with my stats. I just line up, play and get after it the best that I can."

JH: You are one of the fastest wide receivers in Texas, so how do you use your speed to your advantage?

DM: "It is a big factor in everything that I do on the field. I have run a 4.3 before and most players on the field can't keep up with me."

JH: How many schools have offered you at this point?

DM: "I have been offered by 12 schools. I haven't really tried to narrow my choices down. I am still pretty wide open. I haven't set up any visits yet and I probably won't do that until the season is over."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this point?

DM: "They are very high on my list. I love how OU lets their freshmen play early. If they are the best players they play them. I also like the fact that they have the ability to throw the ball. They win a lot of games and they send a lot of players to the NFL."

JH: What are some of the key things that you will be looking for in recruiting?

DM: "I am looking for a college where I know I can play a whole bunch as a freshman. I want to play early. That is important to me."

JH: At one point you and Lennon (Creer) wanted to go to the same school. Is that still the case?

DM: "We haven't talked about it lately. Oklahoma is the only school that I have visited so far. I'm not sure what his situation is."

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