Sherrill, Jones talk OU-Nebraska

Fox Sports studio analysts Jackie Sherrill and Pat Jones break down Saturday's matchup. Pictured: Calvin Thibodeaux sacks Nebraska quarterback Zach Taylor during OU's 31-24 win last year in Lincoln. (Photo/

Fox Sports Southwest Studio Analyst Jackie Sherrill and Pat Jones talked with James Hale about Saturday's showdown. Jones and Sherrill will be on for an hour previewing the Big 12 title game beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday.

On the matchup

Sherrill: I think it's great for the Big 12 Conference because it kinda renews the old rivalry between Nebraska and Oklahoma. Years ago, when Nebraska and Oklahoma played it was usually for the championship and this is for the conference championship and the winner gets to go onto the BCS. There's a lot of old memories. I'm sure that Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer will be in the stands.

The only advantage, well I would say it's a big advantage, is Nebraska has been buying tickets up for over a month now. I would say the stands will be probably 2/3 Nebraska to 1/3 Oklahoma.

On if playing a game like this at 'nuetral site' and not having the home-field advantage is a concern for a coach

Sherrill: It's a concern any time when you go and play for a championship/ It's kinda like Texas last year against Colorado. You know that you're gonna have the home crowd and have a lot more noise. It makes a big difference to your players.

On how he sees the game playing out

Sherrill: The matchups are can Nebraska handle Oklahoma's speed defensively? That's probably the biggest thing. The second matchup would be can Oklahoma run on the front seven and between the tackles of Nebraska?

That is probably gonna be the hardest thing to figure out, but we'll know once the game gets started. I do think that Nebraska, because of all the different formations and feeling that they're gonna have to spread Oklahoma out some way, that really falls into the hands of Oklahoma because of their speed compared to what the speed is of Nebraska.

On the matchup

Jones: I think this one is stacking up as kinda another tough guy contest. The elements are going to be a factor and I think OU has won the last several of those they've been in. I think that Bedlam was a tough guy contest that OU won, and I think this one with Nebraska will be the same way.

On who has the edge in the talent category

Jones: I think OU has a marked talent edge. How much is hard to tell. When I watch Nebraska none of their skill guys really just jump out at me.

They're good players and they've got three backs who have all had their moments. (Maurice) Purify, the receivers, have played well and made some plays. Zac Taylor's had a really solid year, but still they don't just grab you. They don't just jump off the screen at you.

Defensively, it's the same way. They've had their moments one way and at times they look really bad trying to tackle Oklahoma State's skill guys. So I think OU's got the talent edge in this one.

On who he's picking

Jones: I think it's gonna be OU. I believe it will be a little bit tighter fit, I think it will be OU by a touchdown or a field goal.

On if the weather will be a factor for either team

Jones: I think it will be more of a factor for Nebraska because I think Allen Patrick and that OU offensive line will pound the ball in there at 'em. And I think Paul Thompson will hit a key throw or two.

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