Recruiting: Sooners visit Louisiana DE

Baton Rouge, La. defensive end Jason Peters talks about his in-home visit with the Sooners.

Jason Peters, DE, 6-3, 255, BATON ROUGE (CATHOLIC JUNIOR), LA:

JH: You said last week that coach Chris Wilson of Oklahoma was going to be in your home tonight, so did he make it? And if so how did it go?

JP: "It was a great visit. I learned a lot about the institutions and I learned a lot about coach Stoops from Coach Wilson. He told my family about the opportunities that are at OU and about the great education that I can get OU. What I have to do now is take everything that he said in and take it in stride. As he was talking I could see myself in an Oklahoma jersey, and that is what is happening to me.

"These great schools come into my home and everything they coaches say is fantastic. I daydream about being in their jersey and going to their school. What I need to do after these visits is step back and re-think about what was said and don't get caught up in the emotion of it. Oklahoma had a great visit tonight, but I now have to get away from the emotion of it and just think about what he said."

JH: So you are trying to not let your emotions overwhelm you at this point in recruiting?

JP: "I just think that you really have to think the recruiting process through. I mean, I was really sitting here tonight listening to coach Wilson, who is a great coach and person, and I could really see myself at Oklahoma getting dressing for practice, wearing that Sooner uniform, going to study hall and just walking about the campus at OU.

"What I have to do now is just take a deep breath and get away from the emotion of it and compare what he said about Oklahoma to all the other schools I am considering. Then I need to make the best decision for me based on good sound information."

JH: Was that the first time that you really talked to coach Wilson face-to-face?

JP: "Yes, this is the first chance that I have had to sit down and have a conversation with him. Listening to him, I could tell that he was a great person and a great coach. It is easy to see that he is a great motivator and he knows what he is doing. You can easily tell he loves OU. He also played at OU, so he has seen OU from both perspectives. He has a great passion for OU and the game of football, and that comes out in him. I would like that about him as a coach if I go to OU.

"I want a coach that has a passion for his players, his team and the game of football. I still have to step back and think through all that he said, because he was so passionate about OU and about their ability to make me a better student/athlete. His visit may have convinced me to visit OU, but that is something that I still have to decide in the near future."

JH: What other schools are going to come into your home over the next few days?

JP: "As far as I know, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Stanford and Florida are coming the first of next week. Nebraska is supposed to come this week as well."

JH: Do you have a leader or a top two at this point?

JP: "Right now I am trying to keep an open mind, because I want to evaluate my information. I want to go into each official visit with a clean slate and evaluate that school on its own merits. Then when I have taken all five visits, I want to come back and evaluate that information and come up with a good solid decision. I don't have a favorite or top two right."

JH: Are you guys still playing?

JP: "No, unfortunately we lost in the semi-finals 20-18. We finished the season 13-1."

JH: When you are going to start taking official visits?

JP: "There is a good possibility that I will be going to Georgia Tech this weekend. I have to talk to the coaches tomorrow and make sure they want me to take that official this weekend. Other schools I am looking at to visit are LSU, Florida, Stanford, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Nebraska."

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