Recruiting: Five-star DE set for visit

Monroe, La. defensive end Luther Davis talks about his visit to LSU and upcoming visit to Norman.

Luther Davis, DE, 6-4, 255, WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA:

JH: What did you think of your visit to LSU last weekend?

LD: "My visit to LSU was tremendous. I had a great time. I knew some of the players who were already playing at LSU, and that made the visit exciting. My host was Tyson Jackson, who plays defensive end there. I had a great time with him and I appreciate everything that he has done. He is a great person away from football and I don't think he would give me any false information. I got a lot of questions answered about the program coming from him and it really gave me a real good feel for LSU.

JH: Since you live in Louisiana, what did you learn about LSU that you didn't know before your visit?

LD: "I hung out with pretty much all the defensive ends. That is the kind of team that they are. They are a team that gets along well with one another. There were a lot of guys. I probably hung out with five guys that play defensive end. Two or three of them are going to move inside next year."

JH: You left LSU thinking what about their program?

LD: "I came back thinking that LSU would not be a bad place to go school. I am not really sold on staying in-state, but if I had too that is where I would go. I am not sold at the moment on staying in-state."

JH: You were quoted right after your visit saying that LSU was definitely No. 1 with you right now. Is that true? Do you have a leader at this point?

LD: "No, there isn't a No. 1. I don't even think that I said that LSU was No. 1. I think that I said that LSU was in the running for being my leader. That caused the reporter to think that I said they were No. 1. That could be my fault, but I also know how things can go in that situation. Emotions were pretty much real high and I had a great time. They treated my family really well and I really can't say anything bad about my visit at all there. Every aspect of it I really enjoyed it."

JH: Does your family have a preference or an opinion if you stay in-state or out of state?

LD: "Yeah, they do. My mom and dad are fine with whoever I wind up with, as long as that is what I want to do. That is because at the end of the day, I will be the one that has to be there and go to school and play football there. It is really going to be all about me and my happiness. So they are kind of indifferent about it. They are not pushing one way or another. They just want me to be happy and they want me to be comfortable."

JH: How did your in-home visit with OU coach Chris Wilson go tonight?

LD: "It went great. I think he and my mom really hit it off. I think they bonded with one another. There were a lot of things they had in common because he grew up a country boy and my mom grew up in the country. There were a lot of things that they connected on away from football. So, I think she really liked that. He really stressed the fact of me coming there and that he was going to make sure that I get a degree. When it is all said and done, that will be the only important thing anyway."

JH: What did he talk to you about concerning the opportunity at defensive end you might have at OU?

LD: "He did, but I knew about that myself. They lose four defensive ends and they will return two who are going to be seniors when I get there, if I was to go. Coming form the program that I come from I am not afraid of competition, but I definitely feel that I would have opportunities there. I guess a good feel for me will be to just get down there on my visit and see what Oklahoma feels like."

JH: You seem to love the history of college football, so I have a feeling on your visits you take time to look at the history and all the trophies and things that each school has don't you?

LD: "Yes, I will. Just growing up in this house with my brother and family, we watched so many college football games together. We probably never missed an award show in the past 12 years. Just to be at a school like Oklahoma and see it first-hand is really going to be something special. This past weekend I saw the Blitnikoff award that Josh Reed won at LSU. That was special just to be there and stand eye-to-eye with that.

"I look forward to see the Heisman Trophies at OU and to see the Outland Award given to Tommie Harris. He also won the Lombardi and I am looking forward to seeing that. Then you have Derrick Strait and Roy Williams with the (Jim) Thorpe Award, and Teddy Lehman and Rocky Calmus with the Butkus.

"I am sure I am missing quite a few, but I know that OU has as many award winners over the years as any team in the country, and I am looking forward to looking at all that history."

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