Recruiting: Sooners visit Texas safety

Dallas, Texas safety Christian Scott talks about his future trips and in-home visit with Oklahoma.

Christian Scott, S, 6-0, 195, DALLAS (SKYLINE HS), TEXAS:

JH: What did you think of your visit to LSU?

CS: "I had a good time at LSU and really liked the people there. I liked the coaches and the facilities. I thought it was a great school."

JH: What did you learn about LSU that you didn't know before your visit?

CS: "I learned that they are graduating two starting safeties. I can't say the positions are wide open, but I can say there is an opportunity there to come in and play."

JH: Are you really finding that much different in the facilities that you visit?

CS: "As far as facilities, they are all pretty equal. They all have their own style, but they are all pretty nice."

JH: What coaches have come to visit you in your home so far this week?

CS: "I met with Texas A&M and tonight Oklahoma came in. Coach (Brent) Venables, Coach (Chris) Wilson and Coach (Bob) Stoops all came in."

JH: What did you think of the Oklahoma coaching staff?

CS: "I really enjoy it. They explained to my mom some different things that I would be doing at Oklahoma academically. They talked about the opportunities that I would have on the field. I really enjoyed talking to coach Stoops, coach Venables and coach Wilson."

JH: How does it make you feel that on his first night out Coach Stoops made a decision to get by your house?

CS: "That made me feel good. It is a great feeling to have the head coach at Oklahoma in my house as soon as he could get here. They went to DeSoto, Texas to see a defensive end (Von Miller) before me. I am sure both of us are very excited to have the head coach of Oklahoma in our respective houses along with his two great assistant coaches."

JH: Did Oklahoma talk to your much about opportunity on the field?

CS: "I got the feeling that if I come and take care of business and work hard that I can come in and play. They talked about winning championships and Derrick Strait and Roy Williams winning the Thorpe Award. They said I could win that award at Oklahoma, and that sounded real nice to me."

JH: Are you getting to know the OU coaches pretty well?

CS: "They are real cool guys. I feel real comfortable around them. They seem like they are going to shoot me straight and I feel like I can trust them. Like I say, I really like them a lot."

JH: Have you set up your next visit?

CS: "I am working on it. I am trying to get something set up to Texas A&M. So far I have been Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and LSU. I am not sure on my fifth visit, but it will probably be Texas or Arkansas."

JH: You are just now starting to talk about Texas, so what kind of factor are the Longhorns in your recruiting?

CS: "They are a big factor, and they are a good program. They are not too far away from home and you can get a great education there. I want to get them set up on a visit so I can get down there and check that place out."

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