Sooners make an impression on five-star DE

West Monroe, La. defensive end Luther Davis (6-4, 255) talks about his visit to Norman.

Luther Davis, DE, 6-4, 255, WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA:

JH: How did your visit go at OU this weekend?

LD: "My visit went great. I had a completely great time. I felt so at home because I knew a lot of the guys there already, and I am fortunate to say that a lot of guys knew me. I just had a great time interacting with the players and seeing how the players interacted with one another. I just really enjoyed everything."

JH: Did you know some of the guys because they were from Louisiana and surrounding area? Or was it because you are just a student and fan of college football?

LD: "It was because of both reasons and so many other reasons. I knew the guys from Louisiana and they knew me. I knew a lot of the guys from Texas from just playing against them. I played against Malcolm Kelly and Trent Williams. Jason Carter and my older brother went on their official visits to Arkansas at the same time. He remembered me and he came up to me and re-introduced himself to me."

JH: How did it make you feel that so many guys on the team already knew who you were?

LD: "It made me feel really special. It really did. I am a big college football fan and coming up this weekend I was saying to myself how great would it be to meet this guy and that guy at Oklahoma. Then I get there and guys are coming up to me and asking, 'Hey, you are Luther, right?' I am like, what? There were so many guys who just knew me that it shocked me. Marcus Walker knew me and that was a real big shocker. I also talked to Reggie Smith. The list goes on-and-on, it was all amazing."

JH: Did you get a chance to talk to Adrian Peterson?

LD: "Yeah, I hung out with him a lot last night. I hung out a little bit with him at practice, because he didn't practice so much. I just hung out with him. He is a great person. He is real down to earth. If you didn't know he played football you would never guess that he would be such a great player that he is."

JH: What did some of the players tell about what they felt about OU?

LD: "They told me that everything that coach (Bob) Stoops has told them or their recruiting coach. Let's take Malcolm Kelly, for instance. He was telling me he was in the same situation that I am in right now. They are losing four defensive ends and when he was coming in they lost Mark Clayton, Brandon Jones and Mark Bradley etc. So they told him the same thing they are telling me. They did not guarantee him a starting spot and they are not guaranteeing me a starting spot, but the opportunity was there for him and the opportunity is definitely there for me. That is the same thing for me."

JH: What did you learn about OU that you didn't know before the visit?

LD: The city of Norman is excellent. Folks in Norman don't have a pro team so the Sooners are all they have. They are really behind the players 110 percent."

JH: I know you watched practiced a little bit and talked to Coach (Chris) Wilson (the defensive end coach at OU) so what did from him about your position?

LD: "They are losing four defensive ends next year and they are going to have two defensive ends who are going to be seniors. So two more guys are going to be out of there after next year. Then they will have a junior, sophomore and they have one freshman committed. Then they are trying to get me, so there would only be four to five defensive ends there. I was just watching them practice yesterday and I don't think it would be a problem to contribute early."

JH: Now that you have been to OU, talk about how you're is recruiting shape up at this time?

LD: "Recruiting is definitely shaping up in Oklahoma's favor, because I love the city and I loved Oklahoma in general. I got a chance to meet with a guy who was best friends with Dan Cody (Jeff Lebby) and I got to talk over some things about Dan and learn more about him. I told him (Lebby) how much I admired him, how he played and everything that he accomplished there. Oklahoma is definitely the favorite. The main thing now is just getting my parents on the same page."

JH: Does this come down to LSU and OU and whether you can leave the state of Louisiana or not?

LD: "I can leave the state without question. Leaving the state is not going to be an issue. My brothers have done it, with one brother playing at Texas and another playing at Arkansas. Leaving the state is definitely not an issue."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

LD: "Yes, Oklahoma is the leader at this point."

JH: How many visits do you still have to go?

LD: "I have two more visits. I am definitely going to take one to Florida State."

JH: How much food did you get to eat this weekend?

LD: "Oh man, we at so much. But I am on a diet and I had to trim up a little bit, so I ouldn't eat as much as I wanted to."

JH: What kind of diet are you on?

LD: I am just trying to get faster. I am working on my nutrition and just trying to eat better. I hope to be able to run at 4.5 or 4.6 when I report to camp."

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