Visit confirms Texas Hannan's decision

Waxahachie, Texas lineman Jason Hannon talks gives a breakdown of his weekend in Norman.

Jason Hannan, OC, 6-3, 270, WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS:

JH: How was your official visit to OU this weekend?

Jason: "It went great. I loved every minute of it. Just being around my future teammates was fantastic."

JH: What did you do on the visit?

JH: "We got there Friday at 3:00 p.m. We checked into our hotel and then got to watch practice in the indoor facility and took a tour of the indoor facility with Coach Smitty. Then we got to eat dinner at the club level. I went out with Chase Beeler and hung out at his dorm room, and that was cool. Then he gave me a tour of the city and it was great just to hang out with him. He is just a freshman and I got to meet his best friend. We just hung out and drove around a little bit.

"Saturday I woke up and I had breakfast with coach Stoops and coach Patton. We got a tour of the academic center with Teresa Turner, and then got a tour around campus. We got a look at where all my classrooms might be. Then we got a tour of the locker rooms and the Barry Switzer center and went to the coach's office. From there, we had lunch with coach Stoops and coach Patton.

"After that, I watched practice again. I was talking to coach (Casey) Glenn and I was really picking up on some of the blocks. That night we ate dinner and I ate with Jon Copper. We had a great dinner at Charlestons. We had dinner with coach Patton, Jon Cooper and my parents and we had a great time. From there we went to the basketball game and watched that for a little bit, and I watched their trophy presentation at half time. Later that night we went and just hung out at Jon's house and I got to talk to him for a long time.

"On Sunday morning, I went to the football office and met with coach Stoops and coach Patton. They just talked to me about the opportunities that I would have at OU on the OL. It was a great visit."

JH: What did you learn about OU on your visit that maybe you didn't know before?

Jason: "I had a lot of academic questions, and I had never seen the freshman dorm room. It is a great place. I was just thrilled every minute that I was up there because it was such a great atmosphere."

JH: Did you have fun watching practice?

Jason: "Yes, I sure did. They got me right in there and were teaching me some things. I got to stand right behind them and was talking to Coach Glenn, so I was getting the plays as they were calling them. I was being told what they were doing on every play."

JH: Did the visit convince you even more that you made a good decision in committing to OU?

Jason: "Yes, definitely."

JH: What are you doing to stay in shape now that football is over with?

Jason: "I am just working out and training. I am going to throw the shot-put in the spring. I am pretty good. I placed in most of the meets that I participated in."

JH: Did you get a chance to hang out with Luther Davis much?

Jason: "I talked to Luther a lot and I think we developed a good bond between us. He was very excited about his visit to OU and about the opportunity that he would have at defensive end. I think we have a pretty good shot at getting him."

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