Nichol preparing for early arrival

Lowell, Mich. quarterback Keith Nichol talks about his early graduation status and the pressure he's still getting to go to Michigan State. (Photo/Mark Cinco)

Keith Nichol, QB, 6-2, 180, LOWELL (LOWELL SENIOR HS), MICHIGAN:

JH: When was it that you made a decision to graduate early and to get to college a semester year?

KN: "I think I decided that by late July going into junior year. I was committed at Michigan State at that time. I just thought the faster I went to college, went through spring ball and got into some classes it would put me ahead of the game. I just felt it would put me in a much better spot when it came to two-a-days in the summer, if I had already gone through a spring and figured out where the classes were."

JH: Considering the QB situation at OU, aren't you happy that you made that decision back in your junior year?

KN: "I felt really thankful that I set myself up for it, because it will put me at a much better spot at Oklahoma. I will get a chance to work with the receivers and learn where things are at Oklahoma. This will give me a chance to get some the hard things out of the way when it comes to getting adjusted to being away from home. I will also get a chance to learn the offense and get ready for two-a-days. So I am thankful that I set myself up for that."

JH: What are you doing to get ready for workouts at OU?

KN: "Right now I am working out there to four times a week with my teammates, who are also going on to the next level. I am trying to get my body ready for what is going to be happening to it. I have already heard what coach (Jerry) Schmidt is going to put me through and I know I will be better off the more I work out here.

"My parents bought me a NIKE 3005 football, which all the colleges use. So I am getting used to throwing that ball and working hard with some of my receivers here. At first it was hard to throw the ball, but the ball was slick. But I have now worked out with it five times and things are looking pretty good. My release is a lot better and I am throwing the ball better. I actually like it a lot."

JH: Does Michigan State keep calling? And are people in Michigan still trying to convince you to stay at home?

KN: "They have been trying to keep in touch with me. I keep telling them that I am going to Oklahoma. Now it is beginning to sound like a broken record. I tell them and tell people all the time that I am going to Oklahoma, and Oklahoma is where I am at.

"I know some people around here have a hard time understanding that and they wonder where this came from, but they don't know what I was going through myself. I have to do what is best for me and Oklahoma is where I am going to be."

JH: Are you going to back to Lowell at some point next semester for what would have been senior things like the prom and graduation?

KN: "The prom thing kind of depends on my schedule, but I will definitely be back to walk (graduation) in early June."

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