Recruiting: Romine getting closer to decision

The latest on Union, Okla. offensive lineman Matt Romine's upcoming decision.

Matt Romine, OL, 6-6, 270, UNION, OKLAHOMA:

JH: Have you taken another visit since Oklahoma?

MR: "No. Since Oklahoma I have not been on another visit."

JH: Do you have any visits still to take?

MR: "Right now it is just looking like Miami. I am going there either this weekend or next weekend."

JH: Coach Larry Coker was the head coach through most of your recruitment by Miami and now they have a new head coach in Randy Shannon. How does that change your thinking at all when it comes to Miami?

MR: "It definitely gives me a different view of the team. The main thing that I like about the team is that I have been recruiting by coach Cristobal and he is going to continue to there."

JH: What is it that you like about coach Cristobal?

MR: "I like the way he interacts with his players. He is a younger guy and he gets after it pretty good. And I have always been attracted to Miami for one reason or another."

JH: How are your workouts going for the Army All-American game?

MR: "They are going great. I am working out three days a week with the trainer that I have. The other couple of days I work on agility drills and my footwork. The knee kind of hindered me and that set me back a little bit, but I am back on schedule and looking forward to the game."

JH: Did coach Stoops stop by and visit you last week sometime?

MR: "Yes, he came by last Thursday. He and Coach (James) Patton. They came and told me more about what they think about the University of Oklahoma and what plans they had for me. He talked to me about the success that they have had at OU and how many players they have had that have move on to the NFL."

JH: What was it like to have coach Stoops in your home?

MR: "It is a great honor to have coach Stoops come into my house. I have never dreamed that I would have coach Stoops come and talk to me. So that is a pretty big honor."

JH: Are you going to announce your decision at the Network Army All-American game?

MR: "That is what I have tossed around. It is looking like I will announce during that game. It looks like it is Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame and Miami. I kind of had a misunderstanding with Florida and even though we have things work out now it is probably too late. They want me to come in and visit on January 12, but by then the Army game will be over and I will have already announced my decision. I am a man of my word and when I announce my decision there will be no need to take another visits."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

MR: "It is the same that it always has been. They are one of my top schools and one of the schools that I have been following all my life. I have watched a bunch of games of Oklahoma's all my life and they have been recruiting me a long time. I am just weeding through the recruiting process little by little."

JH: Did you grow up an Oklahoma fan?

MR: "Yeah, I would say so. My dad is a big-time OU fan and my mom kind of adapted from that. So we were big OU fans.

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