Recruiting: Stoops visits 5-star DE

The latest on West Monroe, La. defensive end Luther Davis.

Luther Davis, DE, 6-4, 255, WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA:

JH: There is a major story on the Scout Network indicating that you are now a lean to what is labeled your childhood favorite — Florida State. What is the story?

LD: "Basically, if Florida State would have any chance at all it would be because they were one of the first teams that I knew about when I first got interested in college football. I believed that the first game that I watched was Florida State and Florida in 1993. That would be their only chance. They have offered me and that is probably no secret to anyone in the country. As far as me going there or me knowing for a fact that I am going there, that is the most unheard of thing ever. I am not sure where I am going, and my family knows that as well. I am just trying to find the right fit for me at this point and time."

JH: If you were asked to make a decision today, would it be a struggle for you and could you pick a school?

LD: "Definitely, it would definitely be a struggle for me. Let's say that I had a great experience and enjoyed the hospitality at LSU, but at the same time I understand how the recruiting game goes. They cater to you for that weekend and this is with all schools, not just one in particular. Then the second you get there you just become a player and that is just the way things work out. This is not personal, it is all a business.

"As far as Oklahoma, the guys there are who I had a great time with. I still talk to some of them. I talked to Alonzo Dotson yesterday and he told me how much he enjoyed being around me and asked if I got home OK. It is things like that which stick out. Those are things that I really enjoy coming from the guys on a team.

"Looking around at the rosters around the country, how many of them are going to lose four defensive ends? And who are going to have two more that are seniors when I report there to go to camp."

JH: What are your thoughts on Norman?

LD: "I was able to get out and see the city and Norman is definitely a college town. The city evolves around the Sooners, which is not a problem at all. I am used to that here with my high school program. That is all we have in this city, so I am really adjusted to that. Just to put it bluntly there is an area here in West Monroe, or just outside of West Monroe, called Indian Lake. I compare that to Norman and Indian Lake is one place that I would love to live."

JH: Would you classify yourself a big city guy or a rural guy?

LD: "Probably more rural because you can get lost in a big city, which is not taking anything from the schools that are located in a city that are recruiting me. I like to think of myself as being a person that can adjust to any lifestyle. It doesn't matter if it a big city or a small town area. Either or, I feel I can fit in perfectly."

JH: You met with coach Bob Stoops and OU assistant coach chris Wilson tonight in your some. How did that go?

LD: "It was a great visit. My dad actually cut his Bible study a little early, God forgive him, when he found out coach Stoops was going to be here. Coach Stoops being in our home was real big for our family. Coach Stoops is a phenomenal coach and one that I think is going to be with the Oklahoma program for many years to come. To have Coach Stoops in our living room just speaks volumes, because of the kind of person he is. Nobody really knows what kind of person he is just from his attitude towards coaching, being on the field in interviews and everything."

JH: What were some of the things that you talked about?

LD: "He didn't talk so much to me. I got all my questions answered on my visit when I was down there. This visit was primarily for him to get better acquainted with my parents. That is what he came in and did. I really appreciate that coming from him and understanding how important that was for me. He did that for me and that was just amazing."

JH: What was your parents' reaction to the visit from Stoops?

LD: "My mom especially was really pleased with the way he carried and handled himself. She felt more at home with him than with any other coach who has come through. I say that strongly because if you talk about her childhood and his childhood, they are similar. She comes from a family of 10 children and he comes from a family of six, I believe. I think the connection was definitely there. I think she really enjoyed it more just talking to him and hearing from him more than anything she heard about the football team."

JH: What is your visit situation? Do you plan on taking any more visits?

LD: "I am still thinking it over. I am still getting calls form a lot of schools asking me if I would be interested in taking a visit to their school. I got a call this morning from Miami asking me if I would be interesting in taking a visit there. The Ole Miss coach asked my head coach what I was thinking about taking another visit.

"At this moment, I am still kind of disheveled on whether I am going to take another visit or not. If I do, I will definitely let you know Mr. Hale what I am going to do."

JH: Have you been to Florida State yet?

LD: "I have not."

JH: Are you going to take a visit to Florida State?

LD: "I do kind of plan on it, so that I can experience and get a taste of life in Florida. How many players can say they have visited Florida and California in the same year? I am probably going to go out there and get a good look at the place."

JH: Put it in a nutshell for us. Here it is on Tuesday, December 12 at 9:09 central time. How does recruiting stack up with you at the moment?

LD: "If I had to throw out an immediate top three it would definitely be Oklahoma, LSU and USC. I have worked out my problems with USC and I appreciate how they handled it. They can get anybody they want in the country and for them to come back in and work things out with me means something to me. I have not visited USC, and that is a possibility as well."

JH: Aren't you going to announce your decision at the U.S. Army All-American game?

LD: "I feel like my parents would like me too. I have already taken my important visits out of the way, so what else is there to see?"

JH: Are you visiting anywhere else this weekend?

LD: "No, I am staying home and spending some time with my family. It is going to be a movie weekend or something."

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