Recruiting: Texas WR has OU among top three

The latest on Garland, Texas receier Hubert Anyiam.


JH: What did you think of your visit to Arizona last weekend?

HA: "It was nice, I really enjoyed it. They introduced me to their new offensive coordinator coach Dykes. I got to meet the Stoops brothers (Mike and Ron). I got to meet Terrell Turner and I hung out with him the whole time. He did introduce me to a couple of others player. I also saw a couple of girls from my high school that goes to school at Arizona, and I played against Turner last year in district."

JH: What did you think of Coach Mike Stoops?

HA: "He was real cool with everything. Before I left he asked me how recruiting was going and he asked me if I was close to a decision. Then he asked me how it went."

JH: Now that you have visited Arizona, what do you think of the Wildcats?

HA: "Arizona wasn"t one of the top picks going into December. But now they are because I really enjoyed the environment there and the players and coaches that I met. They are among my top three choices right now along with OU and Nebraska."

JH: You went to a game at OU earlier in the year and you are visiting Norman this weekend on an official visit. What do you hope to learn this time around?

HA: "I am real excited. I went there to watch them in a game when they played Texas Tech, but I didn"t get a chance to talk to the coaches or players much. I left early in the fourth quarter that day, but I really enjoyed watching them play.

"They have a great offense. I really enjoyed watching their offense. I know they like to pass and I know they are a winning program. I want to see how the players react to the coaches and vice versa. I want to learn about the environment surrounding the program and how everybody gets a long, and I want to learn what kind of town Norman is."

JH: What kind of offense are you looking to play in?

HA: "I would like to play within a spread offense. Arizona just went to the spread offense under coach Dykes. They are getting ready to use a lot of wide receivers and coach Dykes is new, so everybody is going to get a fresh start.

"I really like a pro-style offense where they do a bunch of different things and utilize both the run and passing game. Nebraska and Oklahoma both run a pro-style offense and they also use a lot of receivers."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up at this time?

HA: "Among my top three, recruiting is wide open among Arizona, Nebraska and Oklahoma. I have been to Kansas State, Nebraska and Arizona so far and Oklahoma is my visit this weekend, I think it is going to be right now."

JH: Did you have a favorite college team growing up that you rooted for?

HA: "I grew up rooting for Texas, but when they weren"t playing for a National Championship or conference championship I was rooting for OU."

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