Recruiting: Williams says visit was 'hot'

New Orleans, La. offensive lineman Alex Williams talks about his visit to Norman.


JH: Talk about your visit to OU this weekend?

AW: "It was hot. I liked it, it was hot. It was solid like that. I met a couple of their players and everything went cool."

JH: What did you learn about Oklahoma that you didn't know before the visit?

AW: "They win all the time and they go to bowl games all the time. They go to BCS bowl games every year. The last five years they have been to four bowl games. I think they are one of the few schools that can say they went to a BCS bowl every year. Norman and OU are towns where everybody is friendly out there. At school, everybody knows everybody."

JH: So you liked the friendly atmosphere at Oklahoma?

AW: "Yeah, man. It was great."

JH: What did you think about the situation on the offensive line and the opportunities that might be there for you?

AW: "Oh, man. Coach (Chris) Patton is great. Straight up, their left tackle is a senior (Chris Messner) and he graduated yesterday. Coach (Bob) Stoops was running into me like ha, ha I have to come and get some playing time here (OU) next year. He told me my freshman year I could come in ballin."

JH: So did that information grab your attention?

AW: "I was liking it, because I am trying to go somewhere I can at least see the field one or two times a game my freshman year. But I have to show up and I have to impress them too. I need to let them see something in me that make's sense for them to put me out on that field. So I will just give it my all."

JH: What did you tell Coach Stoops and Oklahoma before you left?

AW: "I told them that I was really considering them and I was interested in them. I told them that I was going home to talk it over with my parents. We are going to chill over it and then it is going to be said and done. Whatever is going to happen."

JH: When do you feel you and your parents are going to talk it over?

AW: "We have a game (basketball) on Monday, and it will probably be after that. I could do it right now, but I have a headache from sitting on the plane and tripping all over the place. So it will probably be after school Tuesday or something."

JH: You came on this visit to OU as a commitment to Ole Miss. Now, after the visit, are you more wide open as far as recruiting goes?

AW: "Yeah, I am trying to weigh my options right now. I want to see what is out there."

JH: So how is your recruiting shaping up at the moment?

AW: "It is all coming together. I am trying to see what is out there and trying to weigh my options. Friday (OU) was my first trip and I will see if there is anything better than that. If there is something better than I guess I am going to have to go with that. But I am liking Oklahoma right now. So I hope they don't have anything better than Oklahoma right now."

JH: So Oklahoma is your favorite right now?

AW: "Yeah."

JH: What other visits do you have set up at this point?

AW: "I am going to Michigan State on January 5th, Nebraska on the 12th and Florida State on the 19th. I have to set another one, but I am not sure who with."

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