Recruiting: Juco safety visits Norman

Trinity Valley safety Nevin McKenzie talks about his visit to Norman and his impressive list.

Nevin McKenzie, S, 6'3, 210, 4.5, TRINITY VALLEY, TEXAS:

JH: What did you think of your visit to OU?

NM: "It was fine, I had a good time."

JH: What was it that you liked about the visit the most?

NM: "I felt very comfortable with everybody. I felt like I could fit in at Oklahoma."

JH: Have you been interested in Oklahoma for a long time or is this something that has just come up recently?

NM: "I have always known about Oklahoma football and I have always liked them as a team. It has been recently that I started to get interested in them as a school where I might play football there."

JH: Where are you originally from? And what kind of career did you have in high school?

NM: "I am from Salem, N.J., but I played my high school football at San Antonio Jay High school. I played running back and safety there. I was a pretty good running back at Jay rushing for over 1,000 yards a couple of times. In high school, I liked playing running back better than safety."

JH: How did you wind up at Trinity Valley Junior College in Texas? And did you go to Trinity Valley as a running back or safety?

NM: "I was supposed to go to Kansas State, but I didn't have the grades,so I went looking for a junior college and I chose Trinity Valley. I just played where they put me. I showed up and they put me at safety. I still think I could be a good running back, and would have been a good running back if they had played me there."

JH: What kind of stats did you post this year? And did you play on special teams at all?

NM: "The coach didn't post them. I just played safety."

JH: Now that you have had a chance to watch practice at OU and look at their secondary a little bit, how do you see yourself possibly fitting in at OU?

NM: "I feel like I can do what they do. I fit into their scheme as far as what I have seen."

JH: Do you like what Oklahoma is doing defensively?

NM: "Yes sir. Oklahoma is a great defensive team and they have a great defensive program."

JH: What did you tell Oklahoma before you left on Sunday?

NM: "My options are open and I am trying to see what is out there best for me."

JH: What other schools are you considering at this point?

NM: "I am considering Louisville, Arkansas, OU, Tennessee and Florida."

JH: How many visits have you taken so far?

NM: "I have taken three. I have been to Arkansas, Oklahoma and TCU."

JH: So how is your recruiting shaping up at this point?

NM: "I don't know because I haven't seen every school that I want to see."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma now that you have been to Norman?

NM: "I still like them. I like the school and everything about the school."

JH: So you are wide open in recruiting at this point?

NM: "Yes."

JH: What are the priorities that you are looking for in recruiting?

NM: "My top priority is that I have to come in and play. I have to go in and start. I want to win and I want to graduate."

JH: What visits do you still have scheduled?

NM: "I am going to Louisville on the 12th of January, and I am still trying to decide whether to go to Tennessee or Florida."

JH: So you are not going to announce until late January are you?

NM: "Yeah, that is probably correct."

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