Recruiting: Louisiana DE down to two?

Five-star DE Luther Davis talks about his final two and when he might make a decision.


JH: Are you trying to get into shape or to stay in shape for the Army All-American game?

LD: "I am not playing basketball, but I am training every day not only for the game, but for the time I do enroll in college and start to play at the next level."

JH: Have you been doing anything specifically for the all-star game?

LD: "Me and Ahmad Paige, my best friends, have been training with my cousin Tony Ziegler, who is a professional football player with Edmonton. We have been working out with him and he has been keeping us in pretty good shape. We have done some of the stuff that the pros do and it has been killing us. I think we are going to be far ahead of schedule when it comes to preparing for the game."

JH: How much are you looking forward to playing in the game?

LD: "I am really looking forward to it. It is a blessing just to be selected to play in the game. It is a blessing for me and something that I have worked for. Now that it is only a week away before I leave for the game, I am really getting excited about the opportunity to play in the game."

JH: Do you plan on announcing where you are going to play your college football at the game?

LD: "If I can talk to the coaches at OU and LSU within that timeframe and get a lot of my remaining questions answered, then yes sir, I do plan to announce at the game."

JH: "So is your decision coming down to just OU and LSU?

LD: "Yes sir."

JH: Do you have new set of questions that both programs still have to answer for you?

LD: "They are a new set of questions that are important for my family. They deal with situations in case of emergencies and how they would be handled. There are other issues as well, but they all deal with areas that I mentioned."

JH: Talk about the two schools and what are your thoughts on OU and LSU at the moment?

LD: "When it comes to Oklahoma, they are losing four defensive ends, and during my freshman year they will have two other seniors so I will be right there playing. Then by my sophomore year there is a good chance I will be starting. That fact is a major positive to look at. LSU is the home team and I don't live far from there here in Monroe. That in itself is a real terrific thing."

JH: So if you don't have these questions answered to your satisfaction then you will not announce during the game?

LD: "That is exactly how it is going to be. If I can't come up with a complete and total decision by the time of the game, then it will probably be signing day before I announce."

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