Stoops' Wednesday Practice Quotes

See inside for excerpts from Bob Stoops' interview with the media following Wednesday's practice. (AP Photo)

On Wednesday's practice

Stoops: It was really good. I'm really pleased with it. We kinda went through our normal ... like a Monday of our game week leading up to the game. So we kinda got in our routine. We went full pads and very physical yesterday, and today was just more like a Monday coming off of game. But I really liked the way they worked. It was sharp.

On Adrian Peterson's status

Stoops: He's fine, like he always has been. I mean, there's nothing else ... you see him he's running around full speed, fresh legs, looks good.

On his impressions of Boise State

Stoops: A really good, disciplined football team. Very talented. I'd have to say a team that wins all their games is very sure of theirself, very confident in how they play. And they play fast that way. So they're a very good team structurally on both sides of the ball. They're very good at what they do, so you've got to be at your best to beat them.

On if Boise State reminds him of anyone they've played this year

Stoops: There's always some crossover in plays and personalities, but I think all teams are different. I'm sure people can draw comparisons to some other teams — Nebraska and how they shift around and try and stay balanced run and pass. Some formations — Colorado. So you get a little bit of everybody.

On if there's an awe factor the first time a team goes to a BCS bowl

Stoops: Not that I know of. Our first one we managed pretty well I guess (laughs). So, I don't think it's a big deal. I mean, they're great bowls. Don't get me wrong. They're fabulous in what they do and this has just been sensational how everybody with the Fiesta Bowl has treated us, our accommodations to the town, everything. All the people work hard so they're always great experiences.

On the balance of the experience leading up to the game and staying focused

Stoops: It's really pretty simple. In a way, our guys like to practice. It's almost funny to say that because they might disagree with me if I said that. But again, they come and they've got good attitudes. They know the most important part of the trip is the game and coming to our meetings and field ready to work. They're good about that.

On his brother, Mike, being at practice today and how much he was able to follow his season at Arizona

Stoops: I followed very closely. Of course, when you have not just one, two brothers that are there, I'm constantly watching and paying attention of how they're doing. And I felt like they've made strong and significant progress. I know he wants more, but they're on their way towards it.

On if he's played any golf since he's been in Arizona

Stoops: No. Hopefully I'll get a chance to hit a few balls here and there. But I haven't yet.

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