Fiesta Bowl Press Conference Quotes (Offense)

Adrian Peterson (pictured) talks members of the media Thursday morning in Arizona. See inside for quotes from Peterson, Kevin Wilson, Kevin Sumlin and Maclolm Kelly on the matchup with Boise State. (AP Photo)

Here are some quotes from Kevin Wilson, Kevin Sumlin, Adrian Peterson and Malcolm Kelly from today's offensive press conference. The defense will meet with the media tomorrow.


On if all three running backs (Peterson, Patrick and Brown) will play

AD is still our featured back, but the other two are very good and I think they both have earned that opportunity. There have been games that I thought a couple of guys were going to catch passes, and then it didn't work out that way. I don't have that crystal ball, but what I do have and what we do have is confidence in how (1) he (AD) is and how he is practicing. So there is no issue or concern that if he can't do something then we will do this. That is not an issue for us and has not been discusses.

It looks like he will be ready to roll, and in a good way. However, it has also been shown that Chris Brown and Allen Patrick are very good players. Allen was very good, but Chris Brown was too. He does some things that are really good. The only thing that I struggle with is that sometimes these games have gotten so short with snaps. In the last five games, the most plays somebody had on Boise was 54. I think they held Nevada to 40 total snaps.

We have had games were the opportunity to play a bunch of guys didn't present itself. In the Baylor game in the second and third quarter, we didn't have the ball because of a couple of returns and a turnover. So, all of a sudden the defense was playing the whole game. So I hate to guess how many snaps a guy will get or who will get into the game, because of those situations. But I hope all three will play.

Back in preseason practice we had an uneasiness or unawareness of what the other two players could bring to the table. As talented a player as Adrian Peterson is, and he is practicing great, those other two guys actually did some things, maybe in some ways, as good or better than he would sometimes. It was the way they ran or some of the things they did. Maybe all three get in, maybe not. I would hope and anticipate that all three are going to play.

On if he added any additional offense for this game

That is the problem with bowl games sometimes in that sometimes you do too much. We went through a practice yesterday of 62 plays and we didn't do any third downs yesterday. I said, 'Man, we could play these guys three times and have a ton of third-downs plays that we need to use.' Bottom line is that each game we are what we are and there are things we can do and things we can't do.

Each week there are sublte weeks of formations or do you have a gimmick in or not. Things like that. We are kind of what we are and when Adrian went down we were still what we were, and we keep doing what we were. Right now this is where we are as an offense. This is where our quarterback is, this is where our line is.

I always go back to those two guys to determine what you can block and what the quarterback can handle. That determines how much and what direction that you truly go.

On Boise State's defense

They are real good. Their team speed is good as a group. You watch their front four and then their backers — they took a converted corner and made him their low safety or outside backer. They basically play with three corners in the secondary and when they go to nickel a fourth corner comes in. That puts a lot of speed on the field for them.

"Our defense is a speed defense with great team speed. We are not the biggest team that walks on the field in a lot of weeks, but there is a lot of activity and that is the way they play. They are very active with their safeties and they put a lot of stress on two corners, who are actually maybe, and I mean no disrespect to their two backers, and Hall, who gets a lot of credit, and their front guys and Browning, but they put a lot on those two corners. They get locked up man and those guys play in a league with good skill that passes a lot ,and they are usef to playing lock down defense.

It is cat coverage! I got this cat, you got that cat. And the rest of you guys go tackle the guy with the ball. They try to eliminate 'receivers', but having guys who can lock up and play one-on-one. I think there is a reason why they have won 12 games. They have won them all. And a team who has won every game is pretty good. You are not going to get every call or every break. There are still going to be some glitches and they have still been a good enough team to get them all.

We have been a part of that and that is hard. This year was easier than when we won them all, because when you win them all it is very difficult. So a team that plays core enough, is +10 in turnover ratio, and chases the ball like they do are no fluke. They can play defense.


On Adrian Peterson's return

Everybody is excited, not just him, but the players and coaches. He brings an added element to practice. We are looking at the speed of the game and Allen Patrick is fast and we have some pretty good players, but the first time we handed him the ball a couple of weeks ago we were like, 'Wow!'

We forgot how that really works. He is a guy who loves to play the game of football, and because of that he loves to practice. He is big, fast and physical and he forces the other guys to turn it up. It makes it easy on us as coaches to put him in there, because he only has one speed. So he has helped us out in practice and he refuses to wear the blue jersey. He is that kind of guy, and it is pretty easy for us.

AD is so good for practice. He will practice like a mad man and then at the end of practice he is out there beating every one. It is a gloomy day weather-wise, but AD is out there talking to everybody and having such a great day, and the spirit of the team just picks up. He is more than just a great runner on game day or a great player, he has been one of the main reasons why we are a good practice team as well.

On how Peterson helps the play-action passing game

It comes off our run game. We spend a lot of time in our run game and we spend a lot of time in our play-action game. I think if you watch football on Sunday you see that a bunch. We feel like we have to be able to do both to keep our balance, and if you are going to stop one then you are going to need to be able to stop the other. That is who we are.

As young as our line is, they have done a really good job. James Patton has done a great job coaching that line. We have to be able to run and having AD back only helps us in that area that much more. Teams have to pay attention to him. And if they don't, then he will beat you. Our big plays come off of that. I think people know that, but it has been pretty successful.

On OU's passing attack vs. Boise State's secondary

I think their secondary is really good. We have watched their corners and safeties, and they are excellent corners. They play the run well, play the pass well, are physical. They are fast change of direction guys and they do a great job. More than anything else, it is a situation where they are going to show you different coverages, especially on third-down. It will be a good match-up and our guys are looking forward to it.

I have coached in the WAC and I know the kind of guys that they play against. That league can be tough, and they have seen it all in the WAC. This is a team that handled Oregon State, not just beat them. I mean, they beat them bad. We all know what Oregon State did to USC. They are more than capable of getting after you. So, our guys are ready for the challenge and they have some good players on the perimeter.


On his strength coming off injury:

The injury kept me in a sling for the first two weeks, so I was just doing cardio work to keep my wind. It was just leg work during that time. Once I got cleared, that is when I really started hitting it and started to get back doing regular exercises. I was doing curls or whatever I could do to get around the pain.

I wouldn't say my strength is back 100 percent, but the bone is back stronger. I would say, as far as my strength, I am 85 to 90 percent.

On how much it means to him to be back on the field

It means a lot. You think about the season we had — the controversies, the injuries and just seeing where the team came from, and now to finish up in a BCS bowl with a chance to establish a top five ranking for next year is something special.

On being ready to run someone over

I am very excited. My legs are fresh and I am ready to go and run.

On what he knows about BSU running back Ian Johnson

He is a pretty nice running back. I have seen him play a couple of times and he is a very good running back.

On Boise State

People can say what they want about us playing in the Big 12 and playing better teams, but Boise State is undefeated and they are champions of their league. They are a good team and ranked ninth in the country. They are no slouch. They can play with anybody.

On how impressed he was that Allen Patrick and Chris Brown kept OU's running game going while he was out

I was very impressed. I knew the capabilities of both guys, even though they didn't get that many reps. The guys picked it up and kept slugging way and they were successful.

On running behind an improving offensive line

I am looking forward to that. I have been sitting back watching the guys and I have watched as they have jelled together. I think they have got better each week. During the game I would think, 'Man, I wish I was out there because they were blocking so well.'

I was thinking if I was out there I could have had this or I could have had that. I am very excited about getting back out there and playing with the guys.


On Boise State

Really didn't know much about them but now I know much more having watched them on film. I know they've won every game and beat Oregon State rather handily, and Oregon State beat USC. So that has to tell a lot about what kind of team they have.

On Oklahoma's offense vs. Boise State's defense

We do what their defense gives us. You always take advantage of any weakness a defense has. You have to find that our during the game because you can't judge personnel on film.

On the importance of the Fiesta Bowl

Nothing is more important than winning the game. You certainly don't want to end the season on a sour note.

On playing with Adrian Peterson

He's just so exciting to watch. He gets everyone else excited. He deserves all the attention he gets because he's such a great player. I know I'm excited to be able to play one more with him.

On pregame practice

Practices have gone pretty well. They have been pretty physical, but we realize that we have to prepare for the game. And you do that through practice.

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