Paul Thompson on Boise State

See inside for excerpts from OU quarterback Paul Thompson on Fiesta Bowl press conference Thursday in Arizona. Thompson (pictured during Thursday's workout) talks about the matchup with Boise State and the return of Adrian Peterson. (AP Photo)

Below are excerpts from OU quarterback Paul Thompson's Fiesta Bowl press conference Thursday in Scottsdale, Ariz.

On the bowl practices

Thompson: It's been really good. We kinda got out there the first couple days and just continued to do what we did before we left for the Christmas break — getting back in rhythm, getting back into sort of a week-type preparation. We're moving into the middle of the week now and getting ready for the game.

On how you prepare for a team like Boise State

Thompson: Just the same way we've prepared week-in and week-out this year. Just going in with a balanced mindset, as far as throwing and passing the ball, and being real physical. Getting after it and continuing to knock some of the rust off maybe some guys had from the little break we had off. We're going to go at it like we've gone at all this year. That's what's worked for us.

On getting Adrian Peterson back and how that's been transition-wise

Thompson: That's big. He's jumped right back in like he's been here throughout the year. As far as our timing on handoffs, mesh points and things like that, it feels real natural with him back in there. He's just a natural athlete. He's in there and he's ready to go.

On what he's seen of Boise State and how much more familiar he is becoming with them each day

Thompson: A lot more familiar. We've had more time than many other teams to prepare for them, so we're definitely aware of their athleticism and how they're able to get their hands on balls and rally around the ball. They're definitely a well-coached team and they have great athletes, so we're going to try and go at them see what we can take advantage of.

On if he can compare Boise State to a team they've played this year

Thompson: There's a couple teams throughout the Big 12 that play similar defensively. They'll man us up, a lot of two-man type look, even just straight man coverage. They are kind of similar to some we've played. But as far as switching up defenses and things like that, they're a little bit different.

On if they look anything like Colorado, since CU coach Dan Hawkins was the Boise State coach last season

Thompson: A little bit, but not really. They're going to man us up a lot, cover four type looks. They do a good job of switching it up depending on your personnel and who you have in there trying to shut down our big play guys.

On if Boise State has one of the quicker defenses he's seen

Thompson: Yeah, on film. The secondary is real athletic. They're in good position to knock the ball down or get an interception, so it's going to be real important for us to make sure our routes are crisp and the timing is right because they do a good job of getting their hands on the ball and knocking them down.

On if their aggressiveness is susceptible to the double move and taking shots deep

Thompson: That's possible. We'll see throughout the game what they're giving us, what we're feeling comfortable with and what we're executing well. Sometimes you can't really tell until you get out there. We're definitely looking to have a balanced attack, and we're going to air it too.

On the fifth-year seniors playing in all four BCS games

Thompson: Yeah, that's real big. When we came in my freshman year — the Rose Bowl year — got that good win and were able to reach two others. This is kinda our final BCS game for the seniors that have been here, and it's a big accomplishment for us. We're excited to get this win though.

On what it means to have Adrian Peterson back

Thompson: It's big. He's one of the better backs, if not the best back in the country. He's been kinda chomping at the bit to get our there with us. Watching us through these seven, eight weeks, it's been kinda eating him up. I can kinda tell he's got a sense of urgency and he's ready to get out there and make some plays.

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