Stoops' Thursday Practice Quotes

See inside for excerpts from OU head coach Bob Stoops' comments following Thursday's practice.

On Thursday's practice

Stoops: It was great, really pleased. The guys are really working in a good way and they went after it really good today again.

On if there's a buzz of anticipation building for the game

Stoops: Sort of. It's our normal Tuesday practice — was physical. They went at it like they always do.

On being in Phoenix

Stoops: It's been fabulous. Great area. Our hotel's excellent and everything just couldn't be better. The facility here is fantastic, so it's been wonderful.

On if he feels like everything's on schedule

Stoops: Yeah, like I said we were in full pads today. We were very physical in what we did and they guys have got good attitudes about practicing. It's too early to get to revved up right now. Again, it's like a Tuesday workday so we've got plenty of time.

On if they're still watching film of Boise State

Stoops: Of course. We had meetings before we came to practice. Same normal routine.

On if it was good to have Mike Stoops at practice

Stoops: Yeah, he's been here the last couple of days. He was in our defensive meeting today. We're all like the old days — everybody in their rolling around our ideas. So, it was good.

On if Mike was giving them any ideas

Stoops: No, we're just talking through what we're doing. We do the same things really for the most part.

On former OU coach Chuck Fairbanks attending practice

Stoops: Yeah, Chuck Fairbanks was here and it was great to see him. He lives out in this area. A wonderful guy, so it's fun having him around for a little bit.

On if he's met Fairbanks before

Stoops: Yeah, he's been out to Norman and out to our practices there on different times. He usually, a lot of times, goes and visits his family around Thanksgiving. That's when we've had a chance to see him out there other past years.

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