Rufus: "It's not like it's our first rodeo"

Rufus Alexander (pictured during practice this week) Reggie Smith and Zach Latimer talk about Boise State's offense. (AP Photo)

Rufus Alexander, Zach Latimer and Reggie Smith talk about the matchup against Boise State during Friday's press conference in Arizona.


On what kind of problems Boise State quarterback Jared Zabransky poses for a defense

Alexander: He's a scrambling quarterback. He buys time and it's a hard thing to kinda contain. He can run. I think that's kinda cheating — a quarterback that can come out there and run when everything's not there (smiles). He kinda breaks contain a lot, makes guys miss and just gives his receivers time to get free and makes big plays that way.

On how they'll handle playing on a big stage

Alexander: It's not like it's our first rodeo. We've been in it before. We've been in a national championship and we've done other bowls that are on the big stage and things. I feel every game is a big game. We play Texas and Texas A&M up in College Station, so we've been on the big stage before. For me, it's just another game we've got to go out there and play.

On how he compares this bowl to some of the others he's played in

Alexander: So far the facilities and the hotel we're staying at is top-notch. It's up there with the Rose Bowl and Miami and all those other bowls.

On what he's done outside of football that's been fun

Alexander: Last night we ate at this really nice steakhouse. It was really good. The plates were real hot, but it was nice (laughs). We went out to some of the clubs out here. It's been fun.

On if he's eaten any gumbo in Arizona to satisfy his Louisiana tastebuds

Alexander: Nah, I haven't had any gumbo. I don't think they can make it like Louisiana can (laughs).

On if he's thought about the fact that this will be the last time he'll wear an Oklahoma uniform

Alexander: I really haven't had a chance to think about it. But since you bring it up, it will be hard leaving the fans we have up there. I just love every OU fan. Anybody that's an OU fan is just going to be hard to leave.

Just knowing I'm going to put that Sooner jersey for one last time is going to hurt. But it's something that has to be done. I know I'm going to miss it and I know the other seniors — Paul, Zach and all us — we're all going to miss it.


On if there's a team they've played that compares to Boise State

Latimer There's no team that I would compare with them right now, because no quarterback scrambles around and still looks downfield like they have. We've faced a lot of good running backs and a great running back in practice every day. But as far as the rest of the offense, no.

On if there is any similarity to Colorado's offense, which is coached by former Boise State coach Dan Hawkins

Latimer They do a lot of trading and shifting where they try to get you out of gaps and all of that. But you've just got to apply your rules. When you see a formation just know where you have to be and be in that fit. If not, it's going to be a long day.

On the last month of the season and this being his last game

Latimer The last month has been great, especially watching Texas A&M. That was the highlight and then we had to go out there and take care of business. After that, it just started snowballing for me — winning the Big 12 Championship and then I graduated. So I got that piece of paper.

Now coming out here to the Fiesta Bowl completes the tour of the BCS bowl games for me and a couple of upperclassmen. It's just something I'm going to have a great time with.


On what jumps out at him when watching Boise State's offense on tape

Smith Well, before I even watched tape I watched a few games this season and the one thing that really stood out to me was Ian Johnson.

I've seen him play a couple of times and he has everything that a great running back needs. He has patience, he can find the hole and went he gets to it he explodes through it. That's one thing that really stuck out to me.

And then (Jared) Zabransky (quarterback). He's been there for a while so he knows how to run the system. He knows how to make plays when they need him.

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