RECRUITING: Top Texas DE sets visit to Norman

Tyler, Texas DE Tim Crowder has OU in top three and talks about his interest in the Sooners


JH: Your season is a little over week away, are your ready for the opener?

TC: We are looking real good. We just have to wake up our younger players and get them playing harder than they have every played before.

JH: Are you still playing defensive end?

TC: Yes, sir. I am playing on the weakside, where I can get a great pass rush.

JH: How is recruiting going for you at the moment?

TC: I have set up two officials visits thus far, one to Oklahoma (Sept. 6-8) and one to Nebraska (Dec. 13-15). I am also going to visit LSU (Dec. 6-8). I have been to Norman before, but I was with a baseball team and I really didn't get to see the campus or anything.

JH: The last time I talked with you Oklahoma wasn't in the picture, what turned it around for the Sooners?

TC: I just talked to the coaches and the head coach, and he talked to me about how they play their defensive ends. I also wasn't sure about them, because they had so many young players, but he told me they had only four scholarship ends, while most teams have at least eight scholarship ends. That is something that appeals to me, but I am still worried about their young depth a little bit. I am going to take a chance and visit them anyway.

JH: Do you have a recruiting leader right now?

TC: Those are my top three right now, but I wouldn't say that I have a favorite. I don't know where I am going to take my other two visits right now."

JH: Will getting a chance to start early will be very important in your decision?

TC: I just want to have a chance to play early, but it is not what my decision will totally be based on. I just want a chance to play early and so I think I have to choose a school that will give me that opportunity. Oklahoma plays a lot of young players and that is the main reason why I set a visit with them. Coach (Bob) Stoops compared me to the other young defensive ends that they had and said I match up with them very well.

JH: What is the depth situation in your opinion at Nebraska and LSU?

TC: Nebraska loses their starting defensive end. Their backup is an upperclassman and their other starter is a junior. They need a couple of young defensive ends in their program. LSU wants me to play linebacker, but they are losing most of their linebackers. I went to their summer camp and really enjoyed it. The camp was hard, but I liked it anyway. It was like two-a-day practice down there.

JH: You were very high on Texas, where do the Longhorns now stand in your decision?

TC: That is a team that I am thinking about visiting. I haven't narrowed everything down yet and there is a chance I might visit them.

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