Recruiting: A&M commit still planning visits

The latest on DeSoto, Texas defensive end Von Miller.

Von Miller, DE, 6-3, 218, DeSOTO, TEXAS:

JH: What sport are you into now that football is over?

VM: "I am getting ready for track season. Right now I am working on my core and just working on my upper body strength. We really don't start running until Monday."

JH: What events to do you run in track?

VM: "I am running the 110H (14.0) and the 4 X 100. I am currently ranked No. 7 in the state this year.

JH: Man, you are a big guy to run the 100 high hurdles aren't you?

VM: "I am 6-3 and 218 pounds. I will be one of the biggest guys in the hurdles, but I do well at it. I am very good out of the blocks. I go to Velocity Sports Performance and they have helped me get out of the blocks. Once I get my start, then things get easy down the track. I am usually the quickest guy in the race out of the blocks."

JH: When you play would you say your speed is your biggest asset?

VM: "Speed is important to my game. I am not that type of player that just bull rushes the offensive tackle all the time. I am not saying I can't do that, but I try to get the offensive tackle off-balance at the line of scrimmage and then blow by him. I like to get four yards up field and then start making a move or two, and I have enough speed to get to the quarterback."

JH: How big do you feel you can get in college and still keep your speed?

VM: "I hope to get up to 6-4 and about 245."

JH: Where are you visiting this weekend?

VM: "I am going to visit Ole Miss this weekend."

JH: Who have you visited thus far?

VM: "Unofficially, I have been to OSU, LSU, Florida, Miami, Texas A&M and Baylor. Ole Miss will be my first official visit."

JH: Who else are you going to visit officially?

VM: "I am also going to Texas A&M, Florida and Oklahoma, but I am still working to set up dates."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting for you?

VM: "I am still committed to Texas A&M because I feel comfortable at Texas A&M. I can really see myself as an Aggie right now, but I want to see what some of these other colleges are all about. You can read about them on a computer or see a brochure, but until you actually see a college you really don't know what they are all about. There is a chance that I could like another college more. It is a slim chance, but there is a chance."

JH: With that being the case, what are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

VM: "I am really interested in Oklahoma. I know people there at Oklahoma and I can't wait until I get down there for a visit. I used to go to school with Brian Jackson, who is playing cornerback."

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