Hoops Recruiting: The latest on Lucas

Coveted Texas point guard prospect Jai Lucas talks about his season and interest in Oklahoma.

Jai Lucas, PG, 5-10, 145, BELLAIRE, TEXAS:

JH: How is your season going?

JL: "It is going pretty good. We started out struggled in the beginning, but now we are beginning to pick it up and we are playing a lot better. We are 16-6."

JH: How are things going for you individually?

JL: "It is going pretty good. I feel things are going well for me. I am averaging 25.6 points and seven assists per game. I also get two steals per game."

JH: Since you are rated so high, are teams paying more attention to you defensively? Or have they always spent a great deal of attention to you?

JL: "In past years, I had another high-profile player on my team. But this year I don't have that kind of player on my team. So this year has been my toughest year as far of how defenses are trying to stop me."

JH: Does all the extra attention frustrate you?

JL: "No, you always have to find a way to win and we are beginning to do that."

JH: You said when you decided to hold off signing with a team that you would get out during the season and see each of your contenders play during their regular season. Have you been able to do that yet?

JL: "No, not yet. I was supposed to go to Austin to watch OU play, but now I am not going to be able to do that. We are going to a tournament this weekend in Massachusetts at the Basketball Hall of Fame. We play against St. Anthony's High School and they are pretty good this year. That game will get us ready for what we have to accomplish down here to win the state championship."

JH: Do you talk to Oklahoma much?

JL: "I talk to Coach (Jeff) Capel a lot. We text each other just about every day. Oklahoma is still very high on my list and they are still heavily recruiting me. I think they are going to come along and they are getting better. Right now they can't score at all, but they are getting better. They have a new coaching staff and it will take a while."

JH: What do you think of Oklahoma's play up to this point?

JL: "I think everybody is still trying to adjust from what they were doing under Coach (Kelvin) Sampson to what they are doing under Coach Capel. I love Coach Capel's offense and when I had a chance to watch their practices I understood everything that they were trying to do."

JH: Have you been able to at least watch the teams you are interested in play on television?

JL: "I have pretty much seen everybody play that I am interested in. Nothing really caught my eye, but I have been trying to digest everybody's different offenses and defenses to see where I would fit it."

JH: Is your decision going to be based more on early playing time, ability to take a program and make it better or your chance to join a team that is already a championship contender?

JL: "I just want to see where I want to fit in. I want to be that one big impact player who will take that program over the top and take them from 18 to 20 wins to 25, 27 to 30. I want to be that kind of player who can make that kind of impact and improve the team."

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