RECRUITING: Florida WR may still take visit

Florida WR Jimmy Sutton says he still favors Texas, but he may still take other visits


JH: Are you playing the slot or are you out wide?

JS: I will be an inside slot type of receiver or a flanker. I would rather play the ‘X' spot out wide, because I could get some one-on-one coverage. However, in the slot, at times I get matched up against a strong safety or a linebacker and neither can cover me so I get a big advantage. I also get sent in motion and I get the quick sweep on the reverse and I get the quick pass or screen to me in the flat so I can get on the edge in a hurry.

JH: What WR position do you want to play in college?

JS: Hopefully my speed can allow me to play outside where I can run deep patterns and change around games vertically. I want to be like Santana Moss and Peter Warrick, who were are able to use their speed to get down field and work on the cornerback. My size and speed combined usually comes through for me and I usually have the advantage against any cornerback.

JH: Do bigger cornerbacks bother you?

JS: I have had many chances to go up against cornerbacks that were 6-2, but they still couldn't cover me. I haven't seen any real tall cornerbacks that can cut like I can and keep up with acceleration.

JH: Do you play defense at all?

JS: Last year I played cornerback, but this year they are going to play me in the middle at free safety.

JH: How is recruiting stacking up for you right now?

JS: Right now I am definitely looking at Texas, Florida, Tennessee and Oklahoma. I am also thinking about checking out Marshall and Michigan State.

Texas is my favorite at the moment. I really like the coaches, facilities and I like the strength and conditioning coach, Jeff Madden. He was great to deal with when I took an unofficial visit there in June. I am pretty close to committing to Texas, but I definitely want to take my visits so that I have a total understanding of what colleges have to offer.

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

JS: I definitely want to get a closer bond with wide receiver coach (Daryl Wyatt). I want to get on campus and see what their campus is like and facilities, plus I want to get to know their coaching staff. They are not out of the picture at all. All I am saying right now is that I like Texas the best, butg out of my favorite schools Texas is the only campus that I have seen thus far.

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