Recruiting: The latest on Christian Scott

The Dallas, Texas four-star safety talks about his upcoming visit to Texas and interest in Oklahoma.

Christian Scott, S, 6-0, 195, DALLAS (SKYLINE HS), TEXAS:

JH: Tell us about your experience in the Army All-American game?

CS: "It was a good experience because you get to meet a lot of good people on and off the field. There are a lot of good players and you bond with them and you learn to respect them. I thought everybody looked real good, and egos came up every once in a while. But we all had a good time and all of us got together and got along real well."

JH: Do you have more confidence in yourself as a player now that you have played in the game?

CS: "I do feel that I proved myself a little bit. Like you say everybody is good in the game, but I believe that just forced my talents to stand out a little bit more."

JH: Who impressed you the most on your own team the most?

CS: "It has to be Terrance Toliver. I have never played against him before and he would catch everything, was very tall and ran well. He was tough to match up with in man coverage."

JH: Who from the East squad impressed you the most?

CS: "I would probably say Marvin Austin."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting?

CS: "I have one more visit. I am going to take my last visit to Texas on January 19th."

JH: What are your thoughts on Texas as you get ready to go on that visit?

CS: "I just can't wait to meet the coaching staff and the players. So far the coaches that I have met seem they are a real cool coaching staff, and they have nice players to be around to associate with. I can't wait to get down there and see everything first-hand."

JH: Did you grow up a Texas fan?

CS: "No, I wasn't a UT fan. I wasn't really a college football fan back then. Growing up, I really didn't watch college football. I didn't really pay attention to college football until I got up there in high school."

JH: So you were more of an NFL fan?

CS: "Yeah, growing up I was a Dallas Cowboy fan and an NFL fan."

JH: Have you talked to Oklahoma much lately?

CS: "Yes, I have a little bit. I talked to (Bobby Jack) Wright tonight. He came by to see me."

JH: What do you think of OU at this point?

CS: "I am still seriously considering Oklahoma. They are doing a good job and if they keep doing what they have been doing then I am going to continue to consider them. They have a good set of coaches that I like a lot. I wish I could go there and visit them again."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up with you at the moment? Who is still involved with you at this point?

CS: "They all are still involved, all those schools that I visited. Once I take my last visit to Texas then I want to sit down with my family and talk over things. I will sit down and go from there. I have been to LSU, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State so far. I go to Texas this weekend and I will choose from one of those schools."

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