Recruiting: Athlete waiting for OU's offer

Pearland, Texas athlete Sam Proctor talks about his game, visit plans and interest in Oklahoma.

Sam Proctor, 6-1, 200, 4.5, ATH/S, PEARLAND, TEXAS:

JH: Have you taken any visits at this time?

SP: "I have taken any visits at this point. I am in the process of setting up visits right now in the next few weeks. It is exciting for me to get into the recruiting process and, to be honest, it is giving me a rush."

JH: What schools are you considering at this point?

SP: "I am considering Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, and then LSU is still one of the schools that is keeping up with me. I have set a visit with Oklahoma State this week and LSU next week."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

SP: "I received an offer to Oklahoma back in the spring and I didn't commit to them at the time. Then a little time passed and I heard back from my recruiting coach at Oklahoma. What appears to have happened is that they lost some other players they wanted to commit at my position. So, at that time I wasn't sure that offer was still on the table, and I still don't. So that is where we are at right now. I don't want to visit a school where I don't have an offer, but if I do have one then I will visit Oklahoma."

JH: So if Oklahoma offers you still have a big interest in the Sooners?

SP: "I will visit. And I am very interested in Oklahoma. I want to visit Oklahoma, but I don't want to visit a school where I don't have an offer."

JH: When is the last time you talked to OU?

SP: "I haven't talked to OU yet personally, but they have talked to my head coach. They talked over my situation and I hope to talk with Coach (Kevin) Sumlin soon to find out what my situation is."

JH: How does recruiting shape up with you at the moment?

SP "It is funny. Going into my junior year I had my eyes set on LSU, Oklahoma and Florida. Early, I had great contact with Oklahoma, especially throughout our playoff season, and then the recruiting process gets underway and I don't hear much from LSU or Oklahoma. Now Oklahoma's arch-rival has come in an offered me. I talked to my coach about it and he says it is a good idea that I go in and visit them. I have set up a visit with them and we will see what happens in the next weeks."

JH: What position are all the schools recruiting you to play?

SP: "Everybody is recruiting me as an athlete. People talk to me about playing wide receiver, safety, cornerback and even outside linebacker. I have played quarterback around here the last few years, and I have even had a couple of schools talk to me about lining up like Darren McFadden at Arkansas. So schools are talking to me about a number of different ways they want to use. I think that may be a little problem in my recruiting. Or maybe it is a strong point, I don't now. Teams are sure I would fit in on their team, but I promise I could fit in at a lot of positions."

JH: What were your stats this past season?

SP: "I played quarterback and we also had Fozzy Whitaker (Texas commit) in the backfield. Basically, we ran an offense like West Virginia and because of that my rushing stats really stood out. I rushed for 1,500 yards and 20 touchdowns. They didn't use me on defense as much as I would like. We ended up 13-2 and lost in the state semi-finals. We got knocked out by Austin Westlake. We lost 35-32. I scored two touchdowns for us in the final two minutes of the game. After recovering an on-side kick, I scored in one play from about 30-yards out. But after that, we had no timeouts and they just took a knee and ran out the clock."

JH: Are you leaning anywhere at this time?

SP: "I am still wide open. I have set up a visit to Oklahoma State because they wanted me to visit. There are only three weeks left in recruiting and I have set up two official visits. Oklahoma State came out of nowhere and set up a visit last week. My recruiting is changing day-by-day it seems like, and I am enjoying the process. I know I am not going to make up my mind until signing day. I am keeping an open mind until them."

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