Recruiting: Proctor gives visit a perfect 10

Pearland, Texas athlete Sam Proctor talks about his mid-week visit to Oklahoma. (Photo/Randy Edens)

Sam Proctor, ATH, 6-1, 200, PEARLAND, TEXAS:

JH: How did your visit to Oklahoma over the last couple of days go?

SP: "On a scale of one to 10, I can definitely rate it a 10. I enjoyed every bit of it."

JH: What was it about the visit that you liked the most?

SP: "First of all, I would say the character of the guys I was able to meet. Then it was the attitude of the whole Oklahoma coaching staff and the character that they presented throughout the whole trip. The academic support that I saw behind their program and making sure that they present the best avenues for their guys to earn degrees and graduate. I was able to meet with their personal trainer, coach Smitty (Jerry Schmidt), and he seemed like a guy who would definitely push me and allow me to be all I can be as an athlete. I truly enjoyed the whole trip. There wasn't a thing that I did not like about it."

JH: You are a super athlete, so when it came to talking some football what position did you talk about with OU?

SP: "I kind of got the athlete story. Coach Bobby Jack Wright, who is over the secondary, truly showed me that I could be a strong safety in Oklahoma's defense. Then I talked to Coach (Kevin) Sumlin, who is my recruiter, and he said he would like to see me play on that side of the ball at wide receiver. On the personal level, I am probably looking forward to playing some defense at Oklahoma next year."

JH: Did you come close to committing at Oklahoma?

SP: "Yes, I did. Matter of fact, I just told coach (Bob) Stoops to give me three days to make a final decision on that. He is supposed to be down in my house the first thing next week. I am looking forward to that."

JH: Since you were on campus mid-week did you take advantage of the fact that you could talk to some of the student body and actually see how the academic side of OU works?

SP: "Oh, most definitely. Since I got there mid-week I was able to go to the business school of Oklahoma and talk to some of those people. I was able to meet different people on campus when I got the tour. I attended the OU-Iowa State girl's basketball game and got to see that atmosphere. I got to sit right down on the floor with the band. I just enjoyed the whole student body also. Off the football field, I was able to meet some friends and other football players and I truly enjoyed it."

JH: The OU women's basketball team is something aren't they?

SP: "Hey, you guys looked good. Those Paris sisters and those guards you have — man I was very impressed. I enjoyed the game last night."

JH: How much did your mom enjoy the visit?

SP: "I think my mom enjoyed it just as much as I did. When we got on the plane today to return home we could not stop talking about it. I came home and ran up to the school and I told my head coach about it. I called my best friend and told him about it. I am just looking forward to seeing coach Stoops next week and we can bring an end to all this. We can bring it to a closing point."

JH: What is your recruiting situation now?

SP: "My situation now is that I am taking a visit to LSU Friday and Saturday, and after that I told coach Stoops that I would be able to give him a solid answer on what I want to do. At this point I will be honest, OU leads everybody."

JH: Tonight is your football awards banquet. I know you guys are looking forward to celebrating a great year aren't you?

SP: "It is going to be fun. The senior year is coming to a close and this is by far the best team to come through Pearland. We played into the semi-finals and we knocked off some top-ranked opponents along the way. I basically transferred in and in one year was able to leave my mark on Pearland High School and probably did the best in one-year for a quarterback than they ever had. I didn't throw too many passes, so it was a great feeling to have so much success for me and my team. I am just going to enjoy tonight, take a lot of pictures and hold on to the memories."

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