Hoops Recruiting: OU in the mix for top juco

Rodney Alexander talks about his game, top five and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: Where are you originally from?

RA: "I am from Benton Harbor, Mich. I went to Benton Harbor High School."

JH: What was your average your senior year?

RA: "I averaged 14 points per game."

JH: What did you average last year at Redlands?

RA: "I averaged 10 a game."

JH: What are you averaging this year?

RA: "I am averaging 15 ppg." (15.1 points, 3.8 rebounds, 2 assists and 1.9 steals through their first 10 games. He was shooting 59 percent from the field, 37.7 from 3 point range (9-24) and 73 percent from the free throw line. NBADraft.net ranks him as the No. 1 Juco small forward in the country.)

JH: How did you wind up at Redlands?

RA: "I went because of Coach (Steve) Eck, and because they always have a winning record. I have read a lot about Redlands."

JH: Tell us about your game?

RA: "I think I am a very versatile player and can do a lot of things on the floor. I couldn't shoot in high school, so I came and I learned how to shoot here in junior college. Last year, I worked on my game and worked on my shot a lot. Now I have a type of game where I can do different things. I can face up with the guy guarding me and shoot it or I can post him up. I can also step out and shoot the 3, so whoever is guarding me has to stay with me all the time or I can take advantage of him."

JH: You are small forward so do you work inside-out and post up a lot?

RA: "Yeah, I post up quite a bit. But it really depends on who is trying to hold me."

JH: How much do you try to shoot the 3?

RA: "I shoot it when I have the chance."

JH: Are you more of an inside or outside player?

RA: "I really think that I am both. My post offense is my bread and butter. But I have improved my shooting facing the basket and now I can do both equally well."

JH: How much do you weigh?

RA: "I weigh 227." JH: You recently attended an OU game unofficially. What other schools are you considering at this time.

RA: "I have considering Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Oklahoma, St. Louis and UNLV. I have been offered by those schools as well."

JH: Who offered you out of high school?

RA: "Ball State and the University of Detroit."

JH: How many schools have you visited unofficially so far? RA: "I have been to two. I have been to Oklahoma State and Oklahoma."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma right now?

RA: "They need some more height. They have some good players, but they need some more height."

JH: So do you think you could fit in at Oklahoma with your size?

RA: "Yes, I could."

JH: Do you have a legitimate interest in OU?

RA: "I like them and I like the coach. Coach Capel is real cool and the assistant coach (Mark Cline) is real cool too."

JH: Do you have a favorite right now?

RA: "No, I am pretty wide open right now."

JH: Have you taken any official visits so far?

RA: "I have taken one to St. Louis and Butler."

JH: When do you plan on taking more official visits?

RA: "I will take the rest after the season. I am not sure where I am going yet. I think I am going to Oklahoma, but I am not sure yet."

JH: What are the main factors that you are looking for in a school?

RA: "I want to be able to help the team. I also want to see if I can play at the school right away, and I have to like the coach. I have to go to a school where I can play for the coach. I have to make sure that I am a good match for the team. I want the coach to have seen me play and I want to get to know the coaches well and the team. I want to make sure that I can fit in with the team and that I can play right away."

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