Recruiting: OU still in the mix for top DE?

The latest on Mobiel, Ala. four-star defensive end Sidell Corley's interest in Oklahoma.

Sidell Corley, DE, 6-4, 260, MOBILE (McGILL-TOOLEN HS), ALABAMA:

JH: Are you playing basketball or just working out for football?

SC: "I am just working out for football. I weigh in the 260 range. I have been working on speed drills, but I haven't been timed in a 40 in a long time. I think I can run about a 4.7 or a little better."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting?

SC: "I have de-committed from Florida and I have my decision down to Alabama, Tennessee and Oklahoma. I don't have a leader and I will be visiting LSU this Friday."

JH: Have you met with Oklahoma recently?

SC: "I met with them last week. They kept me informed that I was a need and not a want. I visited with coach (Chris) Wilson, who is the defensive end coach, and coach (Jackie) Shipp. Both are good guys and outstanding coaches. They came and we spent the rest of the evening after school together. We had a great visit."

JH: What are your general thoughts on Oklahoma at this point?

SC: "My official visit went great at Oklahoma. Oklahoma had a great atmosphere and the guys were great. I think Oklahoma would be a good opportunity for me."

JH: How difficult is it going to be for you to sort information out so that you can make your decision?

SC: "After my last visit, I just have to come home and break everything down quickly. I just wish I would have taken my official visits earlier instead of just in one month."

JH: Did you not want to interrupt your season?

SC: "Yes sir, I totally left the recruiting thing out of my season and I just concentrated on my high school team."

JH: Which visit has been the best for you?

SC: "They all have been pretty good visits. Nobody stood out or was better than anybody else. They were all very good."

JH: What will be the priorities or keys to your decision?

SC: "I want to go somewhere that I can go in and play early as a freshman. Can I bond with the guys who are already on the team and do I feel comfortable with those guys? Do I feel comfortable with the guys who are committed and going to that school? Also, I want to go to a school that if I go there and get my degree, will I be taken care of for the rest of my life?

"I am thinking about the next 10 years instead of just four years when I pick my school. I am trying to think about more than just playing football for that school I am going to pick the school that is going to prepare me the best for after football."

JH: What do you want to major in?

SC: "Sports Management."

JH: Who did you hang out with when you visited Oklahoma?

SC: "I hung out with Pryce Macon and Gerald McCoy. They were straight-forward with me and I appreciated that. Gerald and I had a lot in common because he played in the Army All-American game and he was heavily recruited. I haven't talked to them since that visit, but I haven't talked to any of the players that showed me around on any of my visits since I left."

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