Recruiting: He's baaack

Hours after informing us Monday night that he was officially headed to Southern Miss, New Orleans receiver Tyler Stradford called back to inform us that he was committing to Oklahoma ... again. See inside for Stradford's comments on his decision and the final push by Bob Stoops.

In an amazing turnaround, New Orleans wide receiver Tyler Stradford called me back tonight to tell me that he is committing to OU, as Sooner head coach Bob Stoops just wouldn't take no for an answer!

JH: I talked to you earlier in the day and you said you were gonig to Soutern Miss, but you called me to tell me you have had a change of heart?

TS: "Yeah, I was talking to coach Stoops and he was telling me that he would help me through the process of moving from Louisiana to Oklahoma, and that he would help me get adjusted to life in Oklahoma. He said that he really wanted me in his program and I just decided to go to OU."

JH: So the assurance from coach Stoops was what you needed to hear?

TS: "Yeah, but also from my cousin. I was talking to my cousin and he was telling me about the great opportunities at Oklahoma. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable going way out to Oklahoma, but he told me that he was going to help me through it. I have never been anywhere except in the state of Louisiana and the state of Mississippi until I went on my visit to Oklahoma. So my cousin said he was going to help me through it."

JH: What does your cousin do?

TS: "He owns his own business in New Orleans. He was telling me how he was going to help me and was going to keep in touch with me while I am out there. I was feeling that I am going to be out there by myself and my family is not going to be able to talk to me or whatever, because I am going to be way out there so I am scared. Right now I am still scared to go out there by myself. But it is something that I have to go through because I can't stay in New Orleans the rest of my life."

JH: Do you feel good about Alex Williams joining you at Oklahoma?

TS: "Yeah, I think he is on the phone with coach Stoops right now." (Alex did talk to Coach Stoops but as I typed this report he had not pulled the trigger in favor of the Sooners. But it is looking better and better all the time.)

JH: If Alex comes to Oklahoma, would ease your mind?

TS: "Yes, it would. And it looks like we are going to be playiing together."

JH: Did you call Alex right away when you got the news?

TS: "I did call him. He said he was going to call Coach Stoops right now and talk to him."

JH: How does it make you feel that the head coach at OU called you and proved to you that he really wants you to be a part of your program?

TS: "He is amazing really. I don't know how he knew to call my cousin. He told my cousin that he really wanted me to come and play at his univeristy. That hit me real hard that he called somebody that is real important to me. I don't know how he knew to call him, but I guess he is magic or something with that one. Then he tells him how much he wants me to play for him. He told him the great opportunities that I could have at OU if I go and work hard at his program. He hit me hard with that one."

JH: Are you going to play receiver at OU?

TS: "I am going to be a receiver."

JH: What do you think about that opportunity?

TS: "That is special to me. I met Malcolm Kelly in person and he going to the NFL from Oklahoma at some point. He was telling me that I was going to like it when I come there. I know if he went there, and he is not the fastest guy or whatever, but he has great talent and he really liked it there, then I am gonig to like it. I am going to go on his word that I am going to like it. I know I am going to like it."

JH: Give me your speed totals and track times again.

TS: "I run a 10.5 100 meter and in the 200 meter I go 22 flat. I also run the anchor for our 4X100 and 4X400 relay teams. I run the 40 in 4.41."

JH: What is your current size and weight?

TS: "I am 6-2 and 175 pounds."

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