Recruiting: Broyles' switch is official

Norman, Okla. standout Ryan Broyles talks about his commitment to Oklahoma. (Photo by Kevin Ellis/Norman Transcript)

I just got off the phone with Norman High standout Ryan Broyles to find out where he is going to play football at the collegiate level. JH: Ryan who are you committed to at this point? RB: "I am committed to the Univeristy of Oklahoma." JH: Talk about what led you to that decision to go to Oklahoma? RB: "It was just some things that I talked over with my parents and I guess it just all worked out really." JH: Was this is a situation where you finally got an offer from the school you wanted to go to, and so you finally decided to switch to OU? Or is there more to this than that? RB: "There is more to it than that. A lot of people don't know about the situation that I will have at OU, but there is a lot more than that." JH: What are some of those other things that you felt were important in committing to OU? RB: "I just felt like that I have 'Jr.' (Mossis Madu) here and I am right here in Norman with my parents. I guess, in the beginning I wanted to go to OU because I have always liked OU. But in the end there are even more important reasons why I am going to OU." JH: You played so many positions at Norman, so what position will you play at OU? RB: "I am going to play receiver." JH: Will you play the slot at OU? RB: "Yeah, definitely. I know that is what the slot guys do. They do reverses and trick plays like that, so I guess fit in there. I can even throw the ball a little bit." JH: How tough was it to tell OSU no? RB: "That was definitely tough. I had comitted to them and I have been talking to them all year. There are still feelings there really so it was a tough decision." JH: When Oklahoma first offered you were committed to OSU, so how far did this recruiting effort by OU have to come to earn your committment? RB: "When I committed to Oklahoma State, Oklahoma called me and talked to me about that. Then they offered me, but right then and there the offer from OU didn't have that much of a factor. Well, I guess it did because I do live in Norman. But I took my time and thought things through and decided this was best for me. I guess everything has just worked out the best for me." JH: You mentioned your friendship with Mossis Madu. How much did that friendship come into play? RB: "A lot. He is with me and will support me wherever I go, but it is going to be great going to the same school as him. He is the best."

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