David Anderson Scouting Report

Lawton MacArthur head coach Ernie Manning the player OU's getting in defensive end David Anderson.

* Anderson recorded 82 tackles (26 unassisted), 6.5 sacks, 12 QB hurries, 2 forced fumbles and 2 fumble recoveries as a senior.

JH: What kind of player is OU getting in David Anderson?

EM: "He came to me as a junior and I didn't know a whole lot about him at that time. However, he has developed into a really fine player. We knew that he had some potential as a junior and then we felt coming into his senior year that he could be a big-time player. He started out slow his senior year, but really came on hard at the end of the year.

"I think you put him on a three-meal-a-day program that he will beef up because he has the frame to be real special. He is fast. He was third in the state in the hurdles, and he is quick. He is really going to be a fine player for OU. I think he was real raw in high school, but will develop into a fine football player. He has great grades, he is a smart kid and just a super young man."

JH: Was he a pure defensive end for you? How did you guys use him on defense?

EM: "He has played an open end and when we changed defense to a 3-3 stack he played a five-tech on a tackle. We used his quickness to stunt him inside and out. At the same time, he is a tough kid and he will take on blockers. He will have to put on more weight in college, but he is a tough kid and he has the ability to take on blockers. He will battle on the defensive line."

JH: He has the kind of frame that it is easy to put on weight doesn't he?

EM: "He has the frame to put on a lot of weight, and he will put on a lot of weight. He will start eating right and he will beef up to 250 or 260 and be one of the best and quickest defensive ends that OU will have had in a long time."

JH: I hear he is a pretty good basketball player, and that he is pretty good in track?

EM: "He is. He is just a special kid all the way around. He is a great basketball player and he plays center for us. In track, he runs the hurdles and that tells you right there what kind of athlete that he is."

JH: David says you and your staff helped him get noticed by OU in the end. Cn you tell us about that?

EM: "We have several coaches on our staff that have played college football. Rod Fisher played at OU and he knows the college scene. My son, Brett Manning, played at UCO and he knows that college scene so we all work together. My son makes the tapes and gets them sent out and coach Fisher contacts the colleges. It is a really good system that we have. We will do anything possible to get these kids noticed and to be visible for colleges at all levels."

JH: You have been in high school coaching for a long time, so are you surprised that this all came together for David and OU so quickly this late in the recruiting game?

EM: "It only takes one coach looking at one tape to realize the potential of a football player. At first, the Tulsa coaches came in there and saw that David had the ability to become a big-time football player. Then Coach Kragthorpe went to Louisville and he said there were three players that he was recruiting at Tulsa that he wanted to go with him to Louisville, and David was one of them.

"Then Iowa State came in with their new staff. Shawn Rainey came in and he looked at tape on David and jumped on him in no time. He wanted to offer him that very second. So, with Iowa State coming on the scene Kansas State head coach Ron Prince came by and we talked for two hours. I told Ron that I felt they missed this guy. They then re-evaluated him and they came back an offered David.

"Then Oklahoma lost a player or two and they came in and they felt like they missed him. It has all happened in the last two weeks. I am telling you it has been a whirlwind time for sure."

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