Recruiting: Proctor ready to sign

Pearland, Texas athlete Sam Proctor talks about his commitment to Oklahoma, Bob Stoops meeting his pit bull, his future position, shopping spree for OU gear and much, much more. Proctor chose the Sooners over LSU and Michigan. (Photo/Randy Edens)

Sam Proctor, S, 6-1, 200, 4.5 PEARLAND, TEXAS:

JH: We haven't heard much from lately, but you are definitely committed aren't you?

SP: "We made it official with Bob Stoops Tuesday night that I verbally committed. At this point I am just waiting for signing day to come and officially be an Oklahoma Sooner."

JH: How did your visit go with Coach Stoops?

SP: "My visit with Coach Stoops and Coach Sumlin went real well. My family came over and Coach Stoops even wanted to meet my pit bull. He petted my dog and we talked football and talked life. My mom said she had to pray and my uncle said he had to pray, and I closed it out and just let him know face-to-face that I wanted to be part of his football team."

JH: So Coach Stoops pet your pit bull?

SP: "Yes, he did my wild pit bull."

JH: What is his name?

SP: "His name is Hawk."

JH: Is he a nice pit bull?

SP: "No, he is a little vicious. I had to put him up before Coach Stoops came, but he insisted that he wanted to meet my dog. So I had to bring it out on a leash and it was barking and acting all wild. Coach Stoops said that is how you are going to be acting when you play Texas?"

JH: What did Coach Stoops tell you when you talked about football?

SP: "I really enjoyed the conversation that I was able to have with Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright, who is the co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach. He envisions me playing strong safety — the same position that Roy Williams played for you guys in 2001. Coach Stoops let me know that in the long-term defense would probably be the best fit for me at OU. Defense would probably give me the best chance to be successful at the next level, but he said he would not hesitate to put me in on offense and allow me to be explosive on the other side of the ball. That is what I have been doing the last two years, so I am excited about that opportunity."

JH: So did Stoops say he that could go both ways some day?

SP: "Yes sir. That is surprising. I am a true team player and whatever it would take for us to be winners and get to a National Championship, I am willing to do it. Personally I believe I am going to be playing defense, but I am no stranger to offense. I am used to being explosive on offense and if Bob Stoops gives me that chance to touch the ball, I am going to make good on it."

JH: How does your family feel about you being a Sooner?

SP: "We are all excited. We went to the mall today and I didn't have any Sooner paraphernalia, so I went and bought shirts, beanies. I actually did an interview down here in Houston about my decision. Like right now I have on an Oklahoma shirt, Oklahoma beanie and Oklahoma sweatshirt. We just went crazy and spent about $100 on all OU stuff."

JH: How have your friends in Pearland reacted to your decision?

SP: "They are a little shocked. I think most people thought I was pretty sold on going to LSU or Michigan. Michigan came through with an offer, so I think people most it was going to come down to LSU and Michigan. I knew there was a reason that I did not commit early and when I took my visit to OU there wasn't any doubt in my mind. I even went back to LSU to see if I felt something there and the whole time I was at LSU I was thinking about OU. I knew at that point and time it was in my heart to go there.

"I walked into school today and everybody was saying, "Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner." My friend, Foswhitt Whitaker, is going to be playing at Texas so my friends were saying, 'hey, you guys just got finished almost winning a state championship and now you are going to be playing against each other in the Cotton Bowl?'"

JH: What position will Foswhitt play in college?

SP: "Texas recruited him as an athlete, but he played running back this year and I was the quarterback."

JH: Did you tell him that you were going to knock him out in the Cotton Bowl?

SP: "I haven't even broke the news to him yet. I will call him later tonight and break the news to him."

JH: If you play the same position as Roy Williams, the last thing the Texas Longhorns remember about Roy is him diving and dusting Chris Simms?

SP: "That is a classic picture isn't it?"

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