Recruiting: Johnson commits in style

See inside for Gilmer, Texas running back Justin Johnson's comments on his decision, including the text of his letter to OU head coach Bob Stoops notifying him of his commitment

Justin Johnson, RB, 6'2, 210, 4.45, GILMER, TEXAS:

Justin is still busy with Junior Day at OU, but he dialed in to tell about his great day — a day that he says has been one of the greatest days of his life.

JH: Congratulations for committing to the University of Oklahoma.

JJ: "Thank you. It means so much to be a Sooner and to get the opportunity to play football here at OU."

JH: You committed to him in a unique way. Please tell us about it?

JJ: "I actually went to him and asked him if I could sit down in his office. I then told him I wanted to be a man, I wanted to be a leader of the team and I wanted my class to look up to me as a leader. I handed him a letter that said all of those things and he really liked it. He told me he was happy about it and actually stood up and gave me a hug. We hugged each other for a long time and then we talked about it some more."

(Johnson then read us the entire text of his letter. See below in italics.)

Coach Stoops,

I am an Oklahoma Sooner. And I hereby accept all of the responsibilities that come with the privilege of that title. I will do everything within my power to uphold the honor and tradition of Oklahoma Football, and to earn respect and admiration for my team and for my University. I will keep myself in peak mental, physical and emotional condition at all times, so that I will be ready to give my best when my team needs me. On and off the field, I will compete with the ferocity and pride that the crimson and cream I wear demands. I will study, practice and play in fairness and with sportsmanship, and do all within my power to bring honor to the University of Oklahoma.

Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime, and for giving me the chance to fulfill my dream. To you, to your staff, to my future teammates, and to the Sooner Nation…

I hereby commit myself to this Creed of Champions, and to OU's Football Class of 2008.


Justin "Bus1" Johnson

JH: How has junior day gone at OU? Who are some of the guys that you have been talking to there?

JJ: "I have met a lot of guys here today. It is the first time I have met Ben Habern. He is a big guy who is really nice, and he has a great personality. I have hung out with Jameel Owens. We have already grown into a close relationship with each other and we talked a lot today. He likes Oklahoma a lot. J.B. Shugarts is a great guy and Sam McGuffie is a slot guy who likes Oklahoma a lot. He got an offer today. He likes Oklahoma to. Stephen Good is another offensive lineman who I have become good friends with. He doesn't want to make an early decision, but he likes Oklahoma a lot."

JH: What have you guys done on junior day?

JJ: "We started out around 11:00 a.m. in the Red Room. We watched a film on Oklahoma Football history, and then we had some time to speak with some current players here. They told us a little bit about what it is like playing here and how things go around here. They gave some of the guys some tours, but I didn't take a tour because I could have given the tour myself. I have been here that many times.

"OU is like a second home to me. After that, I was with Coach Gundy and he talked to us (his family) about him and his family and about his personality. We are going to dinner tonight and then after that we are going to the OU/Texas Tech basketball game."

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