Recruiting: Top Texas WR attends Junior Day

McKinney, Texas receiver Jeff Fuller talks about his visit for Junior Day and interest in Oklahoma.

Jeff Fuller, WR, 6'5, 200, 4.55, McKinney (Boyd) Texas: If you don't like Dan Buckner as the No. 1 receiver in Texas, then McKinney, Texas star Jeff Fuller is probably your pick. Fuller, who was one of the main guests at junior day at OU this weekend, talked about his experience. "I had a great time and I met a lot of great people," said Fuller. "Keith Nichol showed me around and he is a pretty cool guy. I had a long meeting with the receiver coach Kevin Sumlin, and I also met with Coach (Bob) Stoops. Coach (Josh) Heupel showed me around and it was a great experience for me. I got a chance to meet a lot of players including the All-American that got there last year — Pooh Tennell. He talked about how much he was enjoying it at OU. I just had a great time." I had a chance to talk to Fuller before he went to Norman this weekend and he mentioned the fact that OU had signed QB (Keith Nichol), and that they always seemed to have a big-time quarterback on campus is something that certainly appeals to him about the Sooners. "I definitely want to go somewhere where I can catch the ball and win games," said Fuller. "I am at a first-year school, and is not at all a negative experience, but it would be nice to be on the winning side, get the ball thrown to me and have an experienced quarterback in the huddle. It would be great to play with a real polished quarterback. "I was pretty much with him (Nichol) the whole time he showed me around," said Fuller. "He showed me the dorms and some other things, but I pretty much followed everybody else. We were all in a big group, but they showed me the dorm and I kind of followed him around and he gave some a little extra input on everything." Overall, Fuller enjoyed just about everything that OU had to offer on junior day. "I think OU is a great place," said Fuller, "Everything is real nice. OU has top of the line facilities and the strength and conditioning coach (Jerry Schmidt) really knows what he is talking about. I can tell he will get you ready for the next level, which is a big deal for me. The campus is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but that is not negative. The campus population was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, it was something around 23,000. That was pretty amazing to me. Everything is pretty close by the football facility." Oklahoma has recently put Mark Clayton, Brandon Jones, Mark Bradley and Travis Wilson into the pros and soon to follow will be Malcolm Kelly, Juaquin Iglesias and Manuel Johnson. OU has a great reputation for producing wide receivers right now and the Sooner offense gets high marks from Fuller. "I pretty much already knew that they were a pro-style offense," said Fuller. "They run and pass equally well. They are strong in both areas and they have a great receiving corps. The fact they have had so much success with big receivers is something that I am well aware of." Now that Fuller has seen OU first-hand, he has a great appreciation of the OU program. "Of course I like them now that I have gone up there and visited their campus, hung around with the players and met their quarterback. It is a great place." So how is recruiting shaping up at this point? "It is kind of funny because my dad always tells me that recruiting is like dating. The last girl you kiss is the one that you like the most," said Fuller. "Right now I kind of think I am in the same situation. I keep on going back and forth who I like the most between OU and Texas A&M. I came close to committing to OU over the weekend, but I feel the same way about A&M. When I am at A&M there are moments that I want to commit to them. So my decision is going to be tough. "Then there are some other colleges coming into play like Ohio State and LSU and those are real good colleges too. Once I get the chance to go to their junior days or go visit them that will be a big deal. I will probably fall in love with those colleges too. But OU is really convenient, it is just two and a half hours away." The Sooners are off to a great start in 2008 with commitments from the best player in Texas in defensive end R.J. Washington from Fossil Ridge, Texas and 'Bus1' Justin Johnson from Gilmer, Texas, who is possibly the best running back in Texas for 2008. Those two, plus Fuller, were part of an excellent junior day weekend at OU where some 25 offered players were in attendance. And that didn't go unnoticed by Fuller. "I know R.J. Washington pretty well," said Fuller. "I took some All-American preseason pictures with him and he is a real cool guy and real funny. That is pretty cool what OU has going on with the top junior players right now. I think that is great. That will be a factor in my decision — what kind of class I will be signing with. "Coach Stoops promised us that we would be around good people and he is right, because everybody he has on his team and the recruits that he is after are good people. I like the receiver coach (Kevin Sumlin) because he knows a lot of people that my parents know. He is pretty cool." Fuller is not sure where he is going next, but he is considering the Notre Dame, LSU Texas Tech junior days.

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