Recruiting: The latest on Frank Alexander

Baton Rouge, La. defensive end Frank Alexander says he's made a decision.

I talked with Baton Rouge, La. defensive end Frank Alexander late Monday night and he says he is finally ready to make a decison.

"I know where I want to go. I have decided where I want to go, but I want to wait until Wednesday to announce," said Alexander. "I just really made up my mind today and since we have gone this long, I am just going to announce at my high school on Wednesday."

When asked if he could give a hint the big man said...

"No, come on. If I did that it would spoil Wednesday," said a chuckling Alexander.

The good news for Sooner fans is that Alexander then went on and told me that has a great deal of love for the school that he is choosing, and that he loves OU a lot. But he also said he liked the Auburn program as well. However, I didn't hear any love for Auburn, just that they had a good program.

Alexander also mentioned Tulane, but I don't get the impresson they are really in this race.

So, not much to go on and we will all be waiting for his announcement on Wednesday. But the Sooners are hoping Alexander's love for them carries over until Wednesday.

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