Recruiting: Lucas checks out Norman

Bellaire, Texas point guard Jai Lucas talks about his experiece at the OU-Tech game.

Jai Lucas, PG, 5-10, BELLAIRE, TEXAS:

JH: Jai you have been the most requested athlete for me to talk to in a long while, but before we get to the nitty-gritty I have to ask you since you are a super point guard yourself. If you were a coach and had a choice between point guards Jarrius Jackson or Acie Law, which one would he take?

JL: "Out of those two, I would take Acie Law because I have seen him hit the big shot."

JH: What if I take you and a younger version of them? They can't hold you can't they?

JL: "No, they can't hold me (says laughing)."

JH: You were at the OU-Texas Tech basketball game this past Saturday, so what were your impressions?

JL: "I loved it. I am a basketball fan already, so just the way that there was so much electricity in the stadium was good. That just made it a big plus just being there for the game. Then how the fans got into the game was very exciting."

JH: How about your mom and dad? What did they think of the game and the atmosphere around OU basketball on that night?

JL: "They enjoyed it. That was their second time there because they where when my brother played against OU. That was my first time there, so that was a great experience. During my official visit, OU didn't have a game going on so this was my first chance to see a game at OU."

JH: I understand before you got to Norman you had a huge game for your high school team is that true?

JL: "We played at 1:00 o'clock and I scored 39 points. It was a real big game for us. The team we played against was tied with us for first place in the district. So the game had a lot of meaning to it. We were playing Westside High School, which is about 20 minutes from Bellaire. I just had a good game and we were able to win."

JH: What did you think of Oklahoma's offense?

JL: "I love what Coach (Jeff) Capel is trying to do. He gets everybody involved in the offense. You don't see the same play ran a lot of times. They were getting it into Longar a lot because he was just doing work inside. It was great to be there first-hand to really see how it was going on. It is really different when you are there in person."

JH: Were you impressed watching the game in person?

JL: "Yes, I was, because I was able to see the speed of the college game up close and personal. The fans and everything are something that I can see myself getting used to going into college. That was real exciting."

JH: Coach Capel is always changing defenses and trying to confuse an opponent's offense, so what was your take of how OU plays on that side of the ball?

JL: "Jarrius Jackson was having a great game, and then in the last eight minutes he disappeared. That was due to the fact that Austin Johnson was sticking with him and denying him the ball for some of that, and then Chris Walker was being physical with him the remainder of the game. It was good to see that OU has people willing to play defense, because I think Texas Tech almost had three shot-clock violations in a row. You don't see that happen that often, and it doesn't happen a lot against coach Bobby Knight. So that was huge for OU and impressive knowing that they will defend and play defense like they did."

JH: What did you do after the game?

JL: "After the game, I just went into the locker room and talked to the coaches and players. We watched the end of the Texas A&M-Kansas game, and after that I went to the hotel and went to sleep."

JH: You have said you are going to see your four contenders in action, so who have you seen play so far?

JL: "I drove to College Station when Oklahoma State played there. So I went to that game and I have been OU. I have two more games I have to go at Kentucky and Maryland. I think I might be going to Kentucky this weekend to watch their game with Florida."

JH: Are you beginning to develop some opinions that can help you make a decision? Or are you still wide open at this point?

JL: "I still have to say that I am wide open, but the window is closing because my season is winding down and everything is coming to an end. It is about that time to make a decision."

JH: What is your general impression of Oklahoma now that you have visited Norman?

JL: "I just think that Oklahoma is ready to explode on the map when it comes to their basketball program. It is already there in football, but with the basketball you can tell the way the fans got into the game the other night that once they get a little buzz and something behind them, OU can really be something big."

JH: You have often said you want to go to a program where you can take it to the next level where the program is a big deal on campus. Do you see that type of atmosphere at Oklahoma?

JL: "That is what I am talking about. Once they start winning and playing an exciting brand of basketball, the fans will go crazy over it. That potential is always there because I think OU is right where LSU was last year. They need those last pieces to make the puzzle complete."

JH: How is your season going?

JL: "We have three more games left in our regular season. We are 21-7 and we are in first place in our district and our conference. We are a game-and-a-half up at 12-2 in conference. We just have to close out these last three games and win a conference championship, and then get ready for the playoffs."

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