Broyles: I'm 100 percent to Oklahoma

Norman, Okla. athlete Ryan Broyles, pictured above during his signing party on Wednesday, talks about his decision to sign with Oklahoma. (Photo/Rob Shahan)

Below are Norman, Okla. athlete and Sooner signee Ryan Broyles quotes from from his press conference this afternoon in Norman.

RS: Talk about this final week and how tough it was to make a decision.

Broyles: Definitely wild being out there, being in Norman, a little pressure was on there. I originally committed to OSU to begin with and then switched to OU.

RS: When did you make the final decision to go to OU?

Broyles: Last night at 2 am. I was up all night each night this week. I couldn't sleep at all this week. When I woke up this morning I wanted to make sure it was the final decision and it was.

RS: What were some of the reasons you chose Oklahoma over others including OSU?

Broyles: In the process of elimination, I guess I wanted to win championships. This place (OU) puts me in the best position.

RS: Some of the fans out there thought maybe you were just seeking and enjoying the attention you were getting.

Broyles: Not at all, this was a really tough process and the decision wasn't easy.

RS: What did you learn about yourself in this process?

Broyles: I withstood a lot of things, a lot of criticism and I had to get over that.

RS: Who did you call first this morning?

Broyles: I called Cale Gundy, then coach Sumlin then coach Stoops called and I told him.

RS: Did you read any of the message boards?

Broyles: I looked on there quite a few times, everyday there seemed like more and more people were interested.

RS: Were you disappointed OU didn't offer sooner?

Broyles: I wouldn't really say that, I was looking at people that offered me sooner and in the end I picked the team I felt most comfortable with.

RS: Did you grow up a Sooner fan?

Broyles: There was a lot of speculation there. A lot of people said that, they said "Texas, OSU" teams like that. I'm just a college football fan.

RS: What do you think about the team you're joining?

Broyles: I'm definitely looking forward to it. They have some good guys in there, some good guys joining next year too.

RS: Did you call OSU today?

Broyles: Yes, I talked to coach Gunther Brewer this morning.

Media: How did that go?

Broyles: It went (pause), I don't know how to explain it. It went all right, he understood.

Media: There are people that may read this and say "How will I know in a year he'll be there?" What do you say to that?

Broyles: I'm 100 percent to Oklahoma, Oklahoma's in me. I'm not willing to change that at all.

RS: Are you going to run track this spring (at Norman High)?

Broyles: I'm still debating that. I may after basketball, I won't play basketball though.

Media: Are you going to play wide receiver or defensive back?

Broyles: Wide receiver.

Media: Special teams?

Broyles: Yes.

Media Which do you like most?

Broyles: I just like being on the field. Anyway I can be on the field that's what I'll do.

RS: What was the most interesting thing you read on a message board about yourself?

Broyles: Random people, they're so high on me, I wouldn't really expect anything like that. People know more about me than I thought they would, that was a cool thing.

RS: Describe your relationship with Cale Gundy.

Broyles: We have a pretty strong relationship. I talked to him once a week whenever he could call me.

RS: Talk about the pressures that are being placed on young men, 17-18 year olds, by these coaches. Yes, they're coaches, but they're salesmen of their university and can put a lot of pressure of a young guy.

Broyles: Definitely. It's all a business. That's what was hard for me to understand but I came to and understood that and that's what helped me make the decision.

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