Recruiting: Alexander felt comfortable at OU

Baton Rouge, La. defensive end Frank Alexander talks about his signing day decision.

Baton Rouge, La. defensive end Frank Alexander talks about his signing day decision to choose Oklahoma over Auburn.

JH: Talk about your decision to sign with OU today?

FA: "It is a real good feeling to sign with OU. I am glad that I was able to go ahead and get it over with. Oklahoma is one of the better schools in the country and I feel good about the winning tradition that they have. Coach (Bob) Stoops and all the players are great people and I feel real comfortable with that. This is a real good experience for me."

JH: On Monday you told me that you knew where you were going. Did you really or were you having a tough time today deciding who to sign with?

FA: "At first, I knew where I was going but it kind of got sticky at the end. A lot of schools started calling a day before signing day, so it kind of got a little edgy. Today, I just sat down and thought about it and OU was the best choice for me."

JH: Who did it come down to at the end?

FA: "It came down to Oklahoma and Auburn."

JH: What was it about Oklahoma that led you to sign with the Sooners?

FA: "Both of the schools were great schools. Whatever school that I picked wasn't going to be a bad choice. To me, they were both real good schools so there wasn't any major difference. I just felt more comfortable about going to Oklahoma."

JH: From the beginning you were set on leaving the state of Louisiana to play your college football, weren't you?

FA: "At first, I wanted to stay in state but I thought about it and the in-state schools really weren't on me hard so I had to get over it. So I got over my home school feelings and decided to go on."

JH: What do you hope to accomplish your first year at OU?

FA: "My first year I hope I hope to display hard work, good character, and I hope to come to Oklahoma with a good work ethic. I hope to do whatever I need to do to get some playing time on the field as a freshman."

JH: What do you weigh right now?

FA: When I weighed a couple of weeks ago I was 248, but I don't know what it is right now."

JH: What are you averaging in basketball this week?

FA: "Last night I had 21. I have a career-high of 35."

JH: What would you like to tell the Oklahoma fans?

FA: "I would like to thank Oklahoma for offering me. I want to tell the OU fans that I am doing to do everything that I can to help the Oklahoma Sooners to big things in college football."

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