Recruiting: It's OU or Texas for top lineman

Future five-star OL Stephen Good talks about his recent trip to Norman for Oklahoma's Junior Day, as well as his upcoming decision between the Sooners and Longhorns.

Stephen Good, OL, 6-4, 270, PARIS, TEXAS:

JH: How do you feel about being rated the No. 1 player in Texas one service in its latest rankings?

SG: "It is pretty cool, I guess. But we have to try to keep it that way."

JH: How much do you even pay attention to rankings and that kind of stuff?

SG: "We do a little bit. Every now and then when we hear something big I try to look at it or something like that. I don't get on the internet a whole lot, but when they told me about that I was surprised about it."

JH: What I think is great about it is that you are an offensive lineman rated that high. Usually, that honor goes to a skill guy on offense or a defensive end or defensive tackle. The attitude and perception towards your position is changing publicly isn't it?

SG: "Absolutely, but I am not sure why. We still get overlooked sometimes despite the fact we play one of the important positions there is. You have to make sure you can make the running backs look good too."

JH: Have you noticed in the NFL that the offensive linemen are getting more attention and are getting paid better than they ever have before?

SG: "I didn't know that they were getting any kind of raise or anything like that. I hope so because playing in the NFL is one of my biggest goals."

JH: What did you think of Junior Day at the University of Oklahoma?

SG: "It could not have gone any better, if you want to know the truth. All the coaches were real nice to us. They answered all of our questions and showed us around. I talked to coach (Jerry) Schmidt — the strength coach — and saw the weight room. I saw how they worked out. I talked to coach (Bob) Stoops and it could not have gone any better. I got to see the basketball game and I got to talk the coaches a lot one-on-one."

JH: Who went with you on your visit?

SG: "My parents — my mom and my dad."

JH: Did they enjoy it?

SG: "They pampered my mom basically. This trip was more about my mom feeling comfortable, because my dad and I had already been up there many times before Junior Day. We had already met all the coaches, but we had to make sure that my mom felt that Oklahoma was a good place for me to be."

JH: Does you mom feel good about Oklahoma?

SG: "Of course. She feels that it would be no mistake at all to go to Oklahoma?

JH: What did you learn about Oklahoma when you had your one-on-one time with coach Stoops and coach Patton?

SG: "I learned that their coaching staff is really hands-on with their players. I learned that they are going to do everything that they can to not only have a winning season, but to make sure their players graduate and have fun with the football program."

JH: Did you come close to committing on that trip?

SG: "I don't know. I told myself that I was not going to make any decisions that weekend."

JH: What is your recruiting status at this point? Do you plan on announcing your decision soon?

SG: "Yes sir. I plan on doing it here probably next week or so."

JH: Who are the contenders for your decision?

SG: "OU and Texas."

JH: Have you been to Texas yet?

SG: "I am going to Texas this weekend for their Junior Day."

JH: So this is an important weekend for you isn't it?

SG: "Yes sir."

JH: What are your thoughts on the two programs?

SG: "Obviously, Oklahoma has great tradition of winning. Oklahoma won the Big 12 last season and they have won seven National Championships. The coaching staff at OU is very hands-on and very good. It is a younger coaching staff really. They are real easy to talk to. The facilities at OU are just as good as anybody else."

"Texas has a little bit of an older coaching staff, but they have a lot of experience. They have done really well and they won that National Championship two years ago. They have a young quarterback in Colt McCoy and their facilities are great. It is hard to beat the Texas facilities."

JH: What are some of the key points that you will be looking for in choosing which school you like best?

SG: "Of course, the coaching staffs and facilities are important. The main thing for me is where I feel at home."

JH: Who did you hang out with at Junior Day in Norman?

SG: "I am good friends with Justin (Johnson) and hung around with him a little bit. I met J.B. Shugarts and Sam McDuffie. I also talked a little bit with Ben Habern."

JH: Does the fact that Johnson committed to OU during Junior Day influence your decision at all?

SG: "I am good friends with Justin and I am very happy for him that he committed. I do want to play with my friends, but I can't let what he decided to do make my decision for me. I have to make sure where I go is the best school for me, and if it happens to be a school where my friends are going then that just makes it even better."

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