Recruiting: Solid as a rock?

Top Texas DE and Oklahoma commitment R.J. Washington talks about his recent visit to Norman and conversations with trash-talking Longhorn fans.

R.J. Washington, DE, 6-4, KELLER (FOSSIL RIDGE HS), TEXAS:

JH: What has life been like since you have committed to OU?

RJ: "A lot of people have been talking crap actually."

JH: What have they been saying?

RJ: "I have just had to put up with some mouths in the locker room. You know, I am in Texas and a lot of people are UT fans. Most of them are just bandwagon fans from the year they won the National Championship and they still wear those shirts. I was wearing my OU shirt today and they were saying something about me liking OU. I said, 'you're right.' Then I asked them who had the most wins in the last 50 years? That is in the country, and it is OU. Then they tried to say something back and I said, 'Alright, if you just want to go with stats we have won five conference championships and you have won one since coach Stoops has been at OU. So they fire back well we beat you this year so I tell them, 'Yeah, in the last seven years OU has won five out of seven. OU still has a better record and we are conference champions this year."

JH: So you are wearing the Sooner colors proud

RJ: "Yeah. They always try to throw out Boise State, so I fire back with, 'What about Kansas State?' Alright?"

JH: How much did you enjoy Junior Day at Oklahoma?

RJ: "I thought it was great. I like coach (Chris) Wilson and I talked to coach (Brent) Venables a lot. I also talked to coach (Bob) Stoops a lot more than I usually do. So it was pretty cool."

JH: What did you think when Justin Johnson committed to OU that day?

RJ: "I was pretty psyched because I was reading in the paper what he is ranked in the nation and I was saying, 'Alright, another one.' It is kind of like a snowball effect because more and more people are going to go to OU. We will trash on Texas and stop all this talk down here."

JH: What other players did you meet on Junior Day?

RJ: "I met a couple of people that I met at that San Antonio combine. I met Stephen Good, Ben Habern and Jeff Fuller. Riley Dodge was there and Troy Franklin was there."

JH: You were already committed when you went to Junior Day, so was this trip just to have fun or did you go the weekend with some kind of purpose in mind?

RJ: "I have been getting a lot of mail from Florida and a bunch of other schools, but that weekend just re-established why I should to go to OU. It made my commitment stronger."

JH: What was your conversation with coach Stoops like?

RJ: "It was pretty much to talk about some statistics. I am a visual guy and it is easier to see things when it is on paper or put it in a visual kind of way. He just gave me the numbers of how many defensive ends OU is going to have when I graduate and enroll at OU. So I am going to hit the field in good shape."

JH: Are you going to Junior Day at Texas this weekend?

RJ: "No. I was thinking about it but then I would have to drive 3 ½ hours and then come back and have to go to school in the morning. That would be assuming that I don't have any papers to write over the weekend."

JH: So are you not going to go to any other visits or junior days?

RJ: "I talked to Coach Stoops about that because I wanted to take some official visits to some schools to just getting wined and dined pretty much. I have never been outside of the Texas or Oklahoma area. I wanted to see Tennessee or some place like that, because I just wanted to see some other states. Coach Stoops told me that we were going to go to other states anyway. Coach Wilson was saying that OU is always in a bowl game so that I would get a chance to spend some time in different parts of the country. Then coach Stoops told me that my commitment to them was kind of like getting engaged. He said that he wasn't going to take a look at three other players before we get married and he expected me to do the same thing. I understood what he was talking about. That put it in perspective for me."

JH: So is that cool with you?

RJ: "Yeah, I will take my visit to OU. Since I have five, I will try to take five to OU. I know I can't do that, but maybe they can work it out."

JH: Are you going to be a guy who tries to help in recruiting for OU?

RJ: "I talk them up every time I go to a junior day or a photo shoot like I had at SMU. At this point, I look at myself as a press agent for OU. I asked the coaches if I could make that my summer job and I didn't think they went for it."

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