Recruiting: Good talks OU-Texas

Paris, Texas offensive tackle Stephen Good talks about his trip to Texas' junior day and upcoming decision between the Sooners and Longhorns. Good projected to be one of the top five ranked players in the Lonestar state.

Stephen Good, OL, 6-4, 270 PARIS, TEXAS: JH: What were your thoughts on Junior Day at the University of Texas?

SG: "I got there at 8:00 (p.m.) Saturday night. I walked into the field house and coach Rucker was in there waiting for me, and David Snow and his family was in there. We sat down and talked and then coach McWhorter came in with his wife. We sat down there and talked about the depth chart and then some of the players came in talked to me. We talked about how everything would fall in line for me at Texas and how I would have a chance to play early. But they did say I might redshirt my first year.

"Then Coach Mack Brown came in and talked to both families. We got offered that night and then after that we talked a little bit, but not about anything big. We went back to the hotel and then went to Junior Day at 9:30 in the morning. We went to the team meeting room and sat down and Mack Brown came in and talked to everybody. He told us what was going to happen and then we went to our position coach and talked. We had lunch and we left after lunch, because we wanted to get back early because of school the next day.

"Everything went real well. They answered all of our questions and they showed us all of the facilities. Everything looked pretty good."

JH: What did Texas tell you about the depth chart?

SG: "Everybody says that offensive line wise that Texas is just stacked. They told us that they are losing a lot of offensive linemen this year and that they are going to try to sign 15 to 16 offensive linemen so that they have three-deep at each position. They said it wasn't going to be too big of a deal with the depth chart. They are saying with a solid class of offensive linemen this year they will have 16 on the depth chat."

JH: Now that you have been to Oklahoma and Texas, what are your thoughts on the two schools are?

SG: "We are going to sit down and talk about it tomorrow and probably decide sometime this week. I have my thoughts and I have pretty much made my decision. Everybody will know by tomorrow or Tuesday."

JH: Ss there a lot of difference between the two schools in your opinion?

SG: "Yes, the towns are totally different. Austin is a big town while Norman is a little bit like Paris, but a little bit bigger. They both have winning traditions. The coaching staffs are a lot different. At OU, they have a younger coaching staff and at Texas they are older coaching staff. But that is not a bad thing because they are experienced. Obviously, they are good or they wouldn't be there. OU has a younger staff and it seems like they really get in there and get involved with the kids. They get into the drill with you basically."

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