Good: Oklahoma was a place like nowhere else

See inside for Paris, Texas offensive lineman Stephen Good's comments on his decision to commit to Oklahoma over Texas. Plus video of future five-star in action.

Just as we predicted last night, Paris, Texas offensive lineman Stephen Good is a Sooner.

And the 6-foot-4, 270-pound offensive lineman, who has been rated as high as the No. 1 junior in the state of Texas by one service, talked to Monday night about his decision.

JH: You decided to announce your commitment to the University of Oklahoma on Monday. Please talk about your decision/

SG: "Well, I just felt like Oklahoma was a place like nowhere else. I just didn't see any reason why to just keep everybody waiting. I sat down and talked to my parents last night about it. We agreed that we would do it today in my coach's (Coach Travis Smith) office at 6:00 p.m. It is actually a funny story how we called the coaches (OU) to let them know.

"We couldn't get hold of Coach (Bob) Stoops (at alumni function in Palm Springs) so we called Coach (Josh) Heupel and told him the situation. But he was getting ready to speak at a speaking engagement. He talked us a little bit and we told him the situation. Then I called Coach (James) Patton and told him that I was ready to be a Sooner. Actually, the last coach we talked to was Coach Stoops."

JH: What did the coaches tell you?

SG: "It is the same story with all three coaches. They all said the same thing. They said, ‘I didn't think this day could get any better until now.' I like to keep everything level and I don't think I am any big deal, but I have to admit at that moment I felt very special."

JH: Did you know before you went to Junior Day at Texas what you were going to do? Had you already made you decision before you went to Austin?

SG: "Earlier that week before I went to Texas I told you that I had already made my mind up. I was going to Texas to just make sure that OU was the right decision for me. I pretty much made my decision before I went to UT. The UT coaches are amazing recruiters. They really are. They do a good job or they wouldn't be there. But they didn't sway me at all, and that is how I knew that Oklahoma was the place for me."

JH: Do you think you made a few fans in Oklahoma by the fact that you went to Texas and then the next day commit to OU?

SG: "I really didn't plan it that way. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. I am glad I made Oklahoma fans happy and I hope to do that a lot on the field. We actually had our local reporter — Van Helberg, the Paris News sports guy — come by to take a couple of photos and I wasn't even expecting that."

JH: It looks like on film that you just drill guys. You don't have many problems out there do you?

SG: "You know, I come into game feeling like this guy is good. I don't to make it like I am afraid of him, but I don't want to make it like I am going to destroy him either. That first play is usually kind of rough and kind of nervous, but after that first play that is what I have to do right there. I have to make sure he doesn't do anything but go down."

JH: What were your stats last year?

SG: "I had 87 pancake blocks and I didn't give up any sacks. We threw the ball 200 times last season."

JH: Do you feel you are a better run blocker or pass blocker? Or are you pretty good at both?

SG: "Personally, I like to run block. But that is up to everybody else to decide which I am better at."

JH: What other schools did you consider besides OU and Texas?

SG: "My decision really came down to those two schools, but I am also considered Notre Dame and Tennessee."

JH: Do your friends know or fellow students know about your decision?

SG: "I went to a soccer game and I showed up in an OU shirt and an OU hat. Everybody knew I was going to make my decision today. I had already committed before I went to the game so when they saw what I had own they knew I had committed to OU. Everybody around here is Texas fans, but my close friends were happy for me. They said if that is where you need to go then go where you feel comfortable. There were a couple of guys who were giving me the old, 'Come on, you live in Texas routine.' But Texas is not in the same situation as Oklahoma, and they don't know that."

Click the link below to see Good in action.

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