Recruiting: Speedster speaks highly of OU

Cypress, Texas running back Sam McGuffie talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma.

Sam McGuffie, RB, 5'11, 190, 4.3, CYPRESS CY-FAIR, TEXAS:

If you watch just five minutes of a Sam McGuffie on film you will not believe your eyes. You will see a short, but stocky running back running over, around, through and even jumping over defenders to make them miss and make himself seem impossible to tackle.

McGuffie rushed for 3,200 yards and 44 touchdowns last year, and he can also bench 345 pounds, squat 550 and vertical jump 45-inches. He has been clocked in the 40 at 4.27 (hand timed) and 4.33 (laser timed). McGuffie is so impressive physically on the field and in the weight room that his good friend and top Texas offensive line prospect J.B. Shugarts said, "He can do un-human things."

McGuffie doesn't like to brag on himself, but when you rush for over 3,000 yards and score over 40 touchdowns, you realize that you are pretty good.

"I had a lot of yards on a lot of running last season," said McGuffie. "I was doing a lot of playmaking last season. We got off to a great start and I had an amazing year. You always want to have a year like that. The best thing is to go game-by-game and be consistent with your yardage, touchdowns and yards per carry."

McGuffie works out of the power-I formation and a one-back set. He also works out of the slot where he has proven to have good hands catching the ball. But he says his style is to do whatever it takes to reach the end zone.

"I am going to do whatever I can with the ball to get the most yardage or touchdowns," said McGuffie. "I pretty much make a lot of guys miss, outrun a lot of guys or I am just going to break their tackles. Whatever the defense throws at me I am going to throw something back."

McGuffie led Cy-Fair to a 12-2 record last season and a deep into the fourth round of the Texas High School Football playoffs. McGuffie is rated one of the top 50 players in Texas, which he believes is helping him in recruiting.

"It is a good feeling when somebody recognizes that what you had going during last season was pretty good," said McGuffie. "I have been hearing from some of the top teams around."

McGuffie has received eight scholarship offers at this point from Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Georgia Tech.

"I don't have any favorites," said McGuffie. "It is going to come down to who can give me the best offer. I mean, what school can give me the best opportunity. That is where I will go."

McGuffie attended Junior Day recently at OU and was impressed with the Sooners.

"It was real nice," said McGuffie. "They have nice facilities and they have Coach (Bob) Stoops, which makes them that much better. Then they have Coach (Cale) Gundy. They are all real nice guys and they just love the game of football."

After watching film of the Sooner offense in action, McGuffie feels he could fit right into OU's offensive attack.

"I love it because they give their running back the ball," said McGuffie. "Coach Stoops said he wants to give me the ball 25 times a game. He said he would get the ball in my hands any way that he can."

After visiting Norman and looking hard at the Sooners' offense, it is clear that OU will be one of the top schools on McGuffie's list.

"Oklahoma is a big deal with me," said McGuffie. "Oklahoma is a big-time program and they have some of the best running backs in the country go through there. They have had Adrian Peterson and Quentin Griffin. It is just the overall way that they play the game at Oklahoma. They do whatever they can to win and that is what I want."

McGuffie has also attended Texas A&M's Junior Day.

"They have real nice facilities as well," said McGuffie. "It is a D-1 school so they are all going to have nice facilities. Texas A&M is close to my house — about 45 minutes away. It is kind of down the street it seems like. They have good coaches too and the program has a good foundation, and they have one of the best traditions in college football at A&M. I like them OK, but I have to visit them all and check them all out."

McGuffie says he wants to make a decision before the start of his senior season, and that he will take his official visits during the summer. So who will he visit and what will be looking for to help him determine which school is right for him?

"I am going to visit Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Florida, Michigan and all the big-time programs who have offered me," said McGuffie. "My decision will come down to the schools' atmosphere," said McGuffie. "I want a school with good school spirit. I want to play early as a freshman, so which school can give me the best opportunity to contribute early. I want to be able to contribute to the offense, to the team and hopefully provide a leadership role."

McGuffie also says he has noticed the Sooners' quick start in recruiting for 2008

"Oh yeah. I know all those guys," said McGuffie on OU's early commitments. "I know what they are about and I know they love Oklahoma. So do I, so we will see what happens."

McGuffie and Shugarts are great friends and they have talked about going to school together, but is that a real possibility?

"It is definitely a possibility," said McGuffie. "He is going to go where he wants to go and I am going to want to go where I want to go. Since we are so alike, I could very easily see it happening."

McGuffie went to state in the long-jump as a sophomore with a longest jump of 24 feet.

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