Recruiting: New Jersey WR has Oklahoma ties

Metuchen, N.J. receiver DeJuan Miller talks about his game and connections to Oklahoma.


Big wide receivers are what every team in college football is looking for nowadays. Of course, they have to be athletic and they have to have the ability to run, but if you have some size and can play college and NFL teams will pay attention. That's why DeJuan Miller is getting a lot of attention going into his senior year, especially since he is 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds, can catch the ball and is hard to cover.

Last season, he caught 29 passes for 581 and nine touchdowns. He also stared at free safety and finished with 52 tackles and seven interceptions.

"The attention that I am getting now is kind of overwhelming, but I try not to pay too much attention to it," said Miller recently from his home in New Jersey. "I know once the season starts I need to perform and play up to my ability and not disappoint people and recruiters. To be honest, the fact people feel good about what I am doing on the field is pretty great actually."

At 6-4 and 200 pounds, Miller admits that that he takes a tough mentality to the field.

"I think I play receiver more physical than finesse," said Miller. "I like to get physical and I am not afraid to get hit coming over the middle. I will go up and get the ball and make the spectacular catch. I can make defenders miss in the open field and I break tackles. I can really do a lot of things on the field. I consider myself a smooth route runner, and I possess great hands. I think the only thing that I need to work on is getting my 40 time down and work on my quickness a lot more."

Learning to use his great size to his advantage has made DeJuan one of the top receiver prospects in the country.

"I think I use my size somewhat like the way I play basketball," said Miller. "When I see a small corner on me the quarterback knows to switch to a fade route. He will either let me go get it or since I have a longer stride and am probably faster than the guy, he will throw it out there and let me run under it and catch the ball. So it is kind of like basketball when the point guard sees me with a smaller guy on me he feeds me the ball kind of the same way. In football, they check to a fade and just let me go get the ball."

Miller has been offered by two just schools thus far — UConn and Penn State. However, he has had several other schools say they are going to offer soon. One of which is Oklahoma.

"Oklahoma has told me that they are going to offer me and that they are sending an offer to me," said Miller. "I am glad about that because I really like Oklahoma. Rutgers has said the same thing. Oklahoma, Rutgers, Michigan, Ohio State and Pittsburgh are all saying that they are offering me and that I have scholarships to their school."

Oklahoma recruits nationally, but it is not often they go to New Jersey to find their talent. But with Miller, OU has a connection that puts them right in the hunt for his signature.

"I am very high on Oklahoma," said Miller. "Penn State and Oklahoma are my two favorite schools that I have always dreamed of playing for. I was born in Oklahoma and I moved from Oklahoma when I was 2 years old. I still have a lot of family in Oklahoma and I come back to Oklahoma often to visit. I love watching OU games and I love watching Big 12 play. I have always dreamed of playing at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, and for them to just considering offering me is an honor."

Despite having family in Oklahoma and a desire to play at OU, Miller is also very impressed with how the Sooners are using their wide receivers.

"I think that the receivers that Oklahoma has there are very athletic and they are very fast," said Miller. "Malcolm Kelly is one of my favorite receivers in the nation to watch. He is a real good receiver. Oklahoma is not a flashy team, they just like to get it done and dominate teams. I like their receivers a lot and Oklahoma plays dominant football on both sides of the ball. That is why I love OU."

Miller says Penn State and Oklahoma are similar programs in many ways.

"Penn State, like Oklahoma, has so much great tradition," said Miller. "They have a great coach in Joe Paterno just like their tradition, style of play and how they play the game. Joe Paterno is no-nonsense about the game of football and that is the way I like to play the game."

While Miller likes Penn State and OU, he admits that he is going to look around and enjoy the recruiting process.

"I plan on visiting Penn State's Junior Day and Oklahoma's Junior Day," said Miller. "I also plan on visiting Oklahoma officially as well. I am going to take a lot of visits across the country to just get a feel for which school is home for me. I am going to go through the recruiting process to get a feel for which schools I feel comfortable at. I also have an interest in Rutgers, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, UConn, Boston College and Louisville. Those are the schools that have really show interest in me."

Miller also starts in hoops where averages 17.5 ppg and 10 rebounds per game. He does have some small college teams recruiting him in hoops, but he is totally focused on football at the next level. Miller can bench 255 pounds and he squats 400. He says he plans to go to combines and camps this summer, and he is going to try to make it to Oklahoma's summer camp if he can. He admits it would be a great excuse to visit his two grandma's and several aunts and uncles who live in Oklahoma.

"I have one aunt who is even an Oklahoma State fan," said Miller. "So every time OU and OSU play, I have to call her up and give her a bad time about OU beating OSU, which is pretty much every time. I just like to rant and rave about how good OU is and she always complains how it is always a rebuilding year for the Cowboys."

It sounds like Miller already understands the sprit of the OU/OSU rivalry.

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